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Natural Enemy Gold. With BH

Day 1,868, 07:38 Published in Ireland Ireland by Abel Mcfinn

As many of you guys know we have England as the NE for our country although it may be only temporary. For new players this is an opportunity to earn gold in two categories.
True patriot awards and Battlehero gold.

If you are level 25 or below this is very important each day to keep fighting as your points for TP will accumulate and count towards more gold for you ... you may even win some battle heroes along the way.

If you have accumulated any special weapons this is the time to use them.

Short and sweet
Abel Mcfinn


Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,868, 11:39

Good tips for young players, voted

Shane Kelly
Shane Kelly Day 1,869, 13:53

Although be careful not to fight too much and level up too quickly

Shane Kelly
Shane Kelly Day 1,869, 13:53

V o7

Ron eXtremix
Ron eXtremix Day 1,870, 01:47


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