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National Shield 2 personal target data collection

Day 2,310, 03:16 Published in USA USA by Vijalob

Please shout for better data collection:

Find our targets.
Plato says,

- Each citizen can fight to reach and even surpass damage targets which are calculated based on their current military skills and presented as percentages

Percentages are not terribly transparent. I'm curious what "current military skills" is based on -- is it level? strength? rank? some combination? Also, I didn't see a place where I could see what my target was until after I started shooting.

It is ridiculously important to note that bazookas, bombs, and rockets don't count towards the target (especially since I'm being offered some sort of Battle Pack that is largely composed of bombs and bazookas....and a handful of EBs).

In the interest of getting inside Plato's mind, after making at least one hit with a Q7, can you please post (in the article!):

Amount of damage:
Percent of damage:
Military Rank Points:
Experience Points:

If you want to tack on your personal target, feel free -- this is the amount of damage that you have done divided by the percent of damage, which you will want to convert to a decimal first (i.e., move the decimal two places to the left before doing the division).

Once we have data (and I get back to my home computer), I'll come back to this article with graphs, analysis, and another picture of Ms. Day.

Ms. Day wants your data.



Vijalob Day 2,310, 03:18

Comment deleted

Vijalob Day 2,310, 03:20

Please shout for better data collection:

Find our targets.

Vijalob Day 2,310, 03:20

Amount of damage: 740650
Percent of damage: 10.01%
Military Rank Points: 38005894
Experience Points: 65595
Strength: 14793.22

My target: 7399101

KOSOVA Xhemshit Smajli
KOSOVA Xhemshit Smajli Day 2,310, 03:27

Amount of damage: 10,816,041
Percent of damage: 48.94%
Military Rank Points: 195,197,828
Experience Points: 117,040
Strength: 43,023

My target: 22,099,500

Vijalob Day 2,310, 03:33

Thanks! Tabulated.

AeroGent Day 2,310, 04:22

I like data. It's an engineer thing.

Amount of damage: 605336
Percent of damage: 13.62
Military Rank Points: 17120605
Experience Points: 61302
Strength: 9491

Three equations and five unknowns! Almost there!

Vijalob Day 2,310, 04:25

Here's hoping it's linear 🙂
Tabulated. Thanks!

Vijalob Day 2,310, 04:31

So far it looks like the closest definer is strength -- these three are all relatively close to "target = 500*strength". Note that higher % gives better accuracy of target (since there would be less propagated error from computing the target due to the rounding of the reported 😵.

Crookclaw Day 2,310, 05:04

Amount of damage: 905.201
Percent of damage: 26.67
Military Rank Points: 12.171.348
Experience Points: 59.772
Strength: 7.285

Vijalob Day 2,310, 14:13

Tabulated. Running graphs from what we have so far.....thanks!

Code-Y Day 2,310, 15:13

Amount of damage: 23746468
Percent of damage:65.11
Military Rank Points: 1,064,251,730
Experience Points: 270,267
Strength: 68,152.06

Vijalob Day 2,310, 16:37

I hate that when my reply doesn't post. With your info, we can rule out Military Rank Points as having a substantial effect. Strength predicts 99%

Trekker Tlumac
Trekker Tlumac Day 2,310, 16:40

Amount of damage: 15,647,862
Percent of damage: 75.08
Military Rank Points: 566,749,802
Experience Points: 244,644
Strength: 39,388.59

what4 Day 2,311, 07:33

Amount of damage: 12,885,336
Percent of damage: 121.43%
Military Rank Points: 44,487,201
Experience Points: 43,714
Strength: 21,036

Rank, Strength, & xp from day 2309 before start of contest

Vijalob Day 2,312, 02:02

So XP doesn't seem to figure are the data in table-ish form:
mil rnk pts str target
38005894 14693.22 7392616.673
195197828 43023 22100615.04
17120605 9491 4444464.023
12171348 7285 3394079.49
1064251730 68152.06 36471308.55
566749802 39388.59 20841584.98
44487201 21036 10611328.34

Vijalob Day 2,312, 02:06

Graphing strength vs target is visually linear, and has r^2 = .9995 for target=541.8532x-682502.3988

Vijalob Day 2,312, 02:09

But that is an ugly equation. Throwing RREF at it, we get that strength gives a coefficient of 489ish, and that something nonlinear is happening with the military rank points. I'm curious to look strictly in terms of Q7, but although there are many calculators out there, none of them show their work 🙁

Vijalob Day 2,312, 02:15

Mil rnk explains both strength and target at about .85

Vijalob Day 2,312, 02:25

So, looking up Q7,

Q7 mil_rnk_pts str target
14893 38005894 14693.22 7392616.673
45162 195197828 43023 22100615.04
8922 17120605 9491 4444464.023
6864 12171348 7285 3394079.49
73132 1064251730 68152.06 36471308.55
41900 566749802 39388.59 20841584.98
21516 44487201 21036 10611328.34

Vijalob Day 2,312, 02:30

Gives target = 497.42(Q7)-55829.9 has R2=0.9999

Subtracting the constant feels really weird, and makes me think that something is missing. But, it's time to make the doughnuts. Analysis performed with GeoGebra, excel, and the Linear Algebra Toolkit .

what4 Day 2,312, 05:51

For me if I take my Q7 damage from day before contest started it comes out exactly 500*Q7 damage
If I use yesterdays Q7 number I get 495.22
So my guess is the fudge factor is due to what day the strength & rank numbers were given for

Vijalob Day 2,312, 12:41

That makes hella sense.

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