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Article written by Octavian_F

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Hello, as a congress member, I (Octavian_F), and proposing a complete reform in the CAF. However, as one of my commitments to the Canadian public who voted me in (all four of you, lol), I will first set this up for public debate before I "officially" present it to congress to vote. I will take your comments seriously, so please try to show whether you "agree" or "disagree" somewhere in your comment, also please provide valid arguments, or constructive criticism before voting "disagree", or if you are "confused" and need more info, please post your question(s), with no vote attached, or pm me.

National Defense should be a matter of concern for all Canadians, therefore I urge that you all to inform yourselves as much as possible before making up your minds. Please do not randomly blurt out your opinions, or post irrelevant comments. Thank you.

The Motive

Now to give you a basic background of why the CAF needs to be redone, its because:

1. Its outdated.
2. Its barely funded, and never to the extend that it should be.
3. Its way more expensive than it should be to maintain, and the gov't can barely keep up (and usually doesn't).
4. The forums (yes, even the dam official CAF forums are an issue) are slow, and too "complicated", especially for two-clickers, which would be a great benefit to the Armed Forces if they can be encouraged to increase the two clicks, to a possible total of four.
5. Other countries have proved they have way better methods of organizing a national defense.
6. The CAF is so large, that it alienates everyone, and makes them feel like a mere statistic.
7. Its command and/or general structure is flawed.
8. Its poorly managed. Not because the people managing it are not capable individuals, but because the system itself make it impossible to do so properly(see number 😎.
9. During the war with PEACE the CAF has clearly demonstrated that it needs a total makeover ASAP. And this point is only strengthened by the fact that so many resistance movements have popped up (to the great horror of the government), exactly because of this failure.
10. If the CAF wasn't such a failure, then we would never have any issues with the Canadian resistance movements, "serpartists", "terrorists", "those who stand in the way of Jacobi, WD, and all the other ministers serving for longer than one can remember", etc. Period.

The Proposal

My plan is as follows:

To divide the Canadian Armed Forces into two groups, government-funded, and private military contractors.

Government-funded troops

-It will be a direct responsibility for the government to enlist, provide with weapons/supplies, ALL those who are strength level >5, and ALL government officials (excluding CAF officers and the President). These soldiers will be named "The Canadian Home Guard", and will NOT be deployed in foreign battles. Also, after reach lvl 5 strength, an individual is discharged from the Home Guard. However an individual, (excluding members of government), may choose to join a "private army" instead.

-The government sets a monthly budget for how much money they wish to commit to the CAF, ASIDE from the money needed to fund the Home Guard. The government then uses that money to create its own elite fighting force, and utilizes that money not to enlist as many civilians as possible, but to get the "biggest bang for the buck", for their cash. In essence, the CAF high command will have to calculate how they can use that gold to create a fighting force that will do the highest possible damage for the amount of money provided. And yes, that may mean hiring just 10 super tanks instead of 100 regular soldiers. This group should be called the Canadian Rangers.

The rest should be left for private military groups to take care of. That includes all mid-level players that have possibly been left out (around strength 10, but not quite high enough for "tank"), any tanks that have been left out, and of course, any noobs that have decided to join a private army instead of the CAF.

Private Military Contractors

Now we know that all those who have not been included in the Canadian Armed forces will be sucked up by the private military groups, the question is, since the groups will have to work alongside the CAF, should there be any guidelines a private army must adhere to in order to be considered an eligible Private Canadian military contractor?

Well the answer is, YES.

To qualify as an official Canadian private military contractor, and be listed as an official Canadian private military contractor, the "leader", or "owner" of such groups would be required to sign an official contract with the General of the Canadian Armed Forces. Such a contract should include things like (of course this is just a very very rough version):

-Conform to both the "Home Front Protocol" and the "Foreign Front Protocol", listed below below.
-All Commanding officers, leadership, and owners MUST be Canadian Citizens cleared by the CSIS.
-All supplies, gold, and any other support given by the CAF to *insert organization name here*, must not be used in any other way, or for any other purpose other than those outlined by the CAF's commanding officers.
-Additional contracts may be negotiated and agreed upon is deemed necessary by the Canadian High Command.
-Failure to comply with ANY of the terms in this contract will/may result in (depending on the severity of the situation), the temporarily/permanent ban on any of the *organization's name*'s members, and a fine of X gold. The Canadian Supreme court will decide the punishment of the said "crime", and the *insert organization name here* agrees to receive any "punishment" that the Supreme Court of Canada sees fit. All "punishments" may be carried out with the help of an admin, in which case *insert organization name here* agrees to pay the 15 gold fine issued out for soliciting admin help.

Home Front Protocol
The "Home Front Protocol" refers to the required guidelines and rules that the said organization must comply to and adhere to without question, when any one of Canada's provinces is directly under attack.

-The CAF may or may not supply the organization with supplies, if they deem necessary. However the supplies must ONLY be used as instructed by the CAF.
-The Organization may receive orders ahead of time, however they must keep these orders private, until it is necessary to carry them out.
-The Organization must take DIRECT command from the CAF, and cannot act on it own free will.

Foreign Front Protocol
The "Foreign Front Protocol" refers to the required guidelines and rules that the said organization must comply with and adhere to without question, when Canada's provinces are not under direct attack.

-The CAF may or may not supply the organization with supplies, if they deem necessary. However the supplies must ONLY be used as instructed by the CAF.
--The Organization may receive orders ahead of time, however they must keep these orders private, until it is necessary to carry them out.
-The Organization may present the Canadian High Command with an official notice in case they wish to carry out missions elsewhere, and do not wish to take part in official CAF missions. However the CAF may choose to "out bid" an organization's previous contract if they deem necessary, and if they wish to solicit the organizations resources anyway. Such things may be negotiated between the CAF's commanding officers and the Organization's leaders.
-The Organization MAY NOT, in any way, shape or form, engage in combat AGAINST Canadian forces. However ONLY if given permission by the Canadian high command, an organization may work/fight for, and "enemy of Canada".

Extra Info/Reasoning

Please see this article:

The article is a longer, much more detailed version of this one (however with some added humor, and bigger font to help you get through it easier).

Please read first if you wish to pose a question!

I will edit this, and post any extra questions you may ask in the comments section, along with answers in this section. However I will start with a few basic questions:

Question:Won't this plan cost a lot?

Answer: Providing training for the Canadian Home Guard won't be too expensive, the government can choose what weapon quality to issue to this division (which will use them to fight in wars from home, and thus gain extra experience), and an set a budget. Its not required that we give 5 Q5 weapons to each soldier daily for them to fight with, we can set supplies as finances permit.

As for the Rangers, again the government can set an according budget.

The overall idea is that the government can set any extra money it wants to the CAF, with compensating for any budget cuts, and thus reduced manpower, by enlisting self-funded military contractors, who can use their own cash supplies to enlist, and train Canada's remaining population. These private organizations can fund themselves with their own companies, and for fighting for foreign nations (or even other military contractors), as long as the CAF approves of this. This will allow us to pay 0 gold for all that extra manpower, and will equal BIG savings, plus there are many added moral, and psychological benefits as well.

-For more info, please refer to the second article for a more detailed explanation of why the idea with the private military contractors is virtually fail-proof, and besides costing the government less, what other benefits it can bring.

Question: Won't it be VERY hard to make this transition?

Answer: No, it wont. Since this is my plan, I will probably be the one tasked with facilitating most of this change, and if we all work hard, I think that in a day or two MAX, we can make all the necessary changes.

Question: But why should a private military contractor give up a lot of their rights (see contracts), to the Canadian high command? How does this benefit them?

Answer: First of all, they will gain international recognition as a Canadian government approved fighting force. This can land them big contracts and deals overseas.

Second, in times of emergency, they will get FREE funding from the Canadian armed forces.

Third, since the leaders are Canadian, they will conduct battle for other nations, but may see their duty towards Canada as "patriotic". I mean, the CRM along started as a FREE patriotic service to the state. Now that fact that the Jacobi government saw this as a threat to their hold on this nation, thats a totally different issue.

Fourth, they will be the first onces Canada solicit if the government has some extra cash it wants to use in foreign battles. Basically, when Canada is free, rich, and prosperous, they will probably keep paying the private contractors to help them out in other conflicts. Payment could also mean free weapons, it doesn't literally always mean a gold payment.

Fifth, its plain and simply, fun. I remember when Tyler F. Durden wanted to make his mercenary squad so badly, and we can see clear examples from the CRM and Bruck's Cannucks that sometimes we do this just for the hell of it. But hey, you can always make money too can't you? Anyway I saw a lot of intention from several individuals, and have seen enough examples to convince me that private armies are something people will love to take part in, and create.

Question: You said that the "CAF forums were slow, and tedious", but I don't see your solution to this problem, or even too much detail given to this topic. Why?

Answer: Well this isn't exactly my main concern atm, my main concern is to reform the CAF itself, the forums can be worked out separately, with a separate plan. I would simply be making another long article if I tried to tackle this issue as well. You can consider this PART 2 of this reform.

EDITED IN (answers to ALL questions posed in the comments since my last post in the comments section can be found here):

Question: Why do you think funding 10 tanks is better than 100 troops? Basically, why are you favoring tanks? Whats up with that?

Answer: First of all, lol, don't read stuff so fast, cause then you start asking silly questions, get caught up in small issues, and forget to look at the point.

I DO NOT support Tanks, I simply used it as an EXAMPLE. The key idea was instead to use the CAF money as a sort of "support" for ALL players, and to try to include as many players as we can, we should use that money to try and calculate the biggest bang for the buck. As in IF 100 soldiers is better than 10 tanks, then get 100 goddamn soldiers. Also, if 10 tanks do more damage than all of Canada combines, then I'm sure Eden won't mind when we do 5 000 000 000 000 000 damage with 10 people. Our allies don't look at how many soldiers we deploy, they look at the damage and the results.

And our role as a nation is to try and create a powerful army, the "support" can be left for noobs only, and the rest of our citizens can fend for themselves OR like I said, get picked up by official military contractors.

Question: You're in the CRM, so aren't you biased in any way?

Answer: No, I am not biased. I simply joined the CRM cause atm the CAF was basically non-existent, apart from orders that regular citizens got, we didn't get weapons or anything like that. The CRM looked like an interesting idea where we could fund our own resistance.

Also, I'm ashamed to admit, that I'm not too active on the CRM forums, or in the CRM in general. I do think I sill have a role as "ambassador to PEACE GC", but I've never been given any orders, and the CRM isn't political AT ALL.

This was just my idea to improve Canada. My other motives were to raise my reputation as a congressman and to bring about some positive change. I thought, and still think that my idea will help Canada become a stronger nation, and a more interesting nation to live in.

So no, I'm not biased. I am however, against the current Government (even though, strangely enough, I am technically part of it myself). I guess its more of a bias against the President, and his cabinet (most of it, not all).

Question: Why does the Home Guard have to be forced to stay at home, while if they join a private military faction, they can go overseas?

Answer:I don't think we'll be doing too much damage with lvl 2 strength players. Also, it would cost too much, and would cancel any benefits. Just like the reserves don't go anywhere, neither do these dudes.

However, if a private military organization EVEN WANTS to hire noobs, if they think its worth sending them, then why not? I don't want to spend government money on so many moving tickets for 100 soldiers who are under 5 strength (and apparently you need to be 4.5 str to use a q1 weapon).

But ok, lets say we can prove that it IS worth it, then OK we can change this rule, send the goddamn Home Guard as well. Although I thought they were called Home Guard for a reason, but w.e., as long as one can prove it, I'm ok with changing this small detail.

Question: Why don't you put ACTUAL numbers on paper first?

Answer: Ok lets do a basic calculation then, we can sort out the details AFTER this basic plan is approved, I don't wanna do an excessive amount of work, then have to throw it away.

All I'm asking is that we provide assistance for ALL those under 5 strength, unless they deny our assistance. This means basic training, and a few Q1 weapons after they've reached lvl 4.5 (which is very close to 5). One they reach lvl 5 then they can be discharged. I actually dare anyone to show me how this will be "expensive". I think it would be rather "cheap".

Then, AFTER we do all that we can use whatever money we have left at the end of each month (basically, this won't be expensive, because WE set the price we want to pay each month), we use the rest to get the biggest bang for the buck.

The rest is filled in by private military organizations. ]

So really, what is so expensive? If funding/helping all the noobs (which is VERY beneficial as outlined by almost EVERY member of government, and especially the DAL), really costs so much, we can cut down from the regular forces. The private contractors will then fill in the gaps.

If anything, my plan is not only "cheaper", its also VERY flexible. I mean, hey, if we can afford it, why not fund a 1000 strong CAF? But if we can't afford it, then I have a solution for cutting down the budget, and filling in the gaps.

Doing more, for less, while also making this game more interesting for all.

Question: If the Home Guard's role is to defend the homeland, why would you discharge them after level 5 (or 6, 7, etc, this can be worked out later)?

Answer: Because they will be fully trained, and there will also be more noobs to cover up their roles. And if for example, Canada gets NO new players, and ALL of the members reach the required level and are discharged ( very very very unlikely, and probably has never happened before), we can use the cash we would spend there, and transfer it to the regular forces, allowing us to pay for more regular soldiers. Regular soldiers are even better for national defense.

Question: At the beginning you had a list of complaints for the CAF (a total of 10), why didin't you address all of them?

Answer: Apart from the one about the forums (I will have to discuss this issue as a seperate topic), I pretty much answered all other questions, just read carefully.