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Day 2,446, 15:17 Published in USA USA by Logan Hyrozek

As painful as it is for me to say it, there is nothing interesting for me to talk about. I know I said the world is slowing down last issue (don't get me wrong, there are still wars and stuff) but now it seems stuck in time. It makes me feel like the New World has just stopped caring about itself. eUSA especially. Granted, I support President dmjohnston very much and I think he's great for our country, I also criticize his less efficient cabinet members. They seem less than optimal for contributing to anything meaningful.

Normally I would attribute our nation's struggles towards leftist influence in the President's cabinet and in our congress, but now that doesn't seem sufficient. Where did all the ambition go? Where are all the loyal citizens with actual plans for something greater? No, I'm not asking for someone to start another World War, but at least something! Here at "America, by The People" we crave ambition from fellow Americans.

This is a message for all of my subscribers: I think you're awesome, and we need change! Go out and bend the world to your image! This is one of the reasons I was suggesting we introduce a new religion for eUSA rather than Dioism. I like worshiping sand as much as the next guy, but I need more than sand. As a boring Star Wars character once said: "I don't like sand". Perhaps Jediism, then. At least then we'd all get light-sabers.

Also, in a few weeks there will be a surprise announcement for my newspaper, but until then, I'm not going to tell what those plans are. That would spoil the fun. As for my more avid readers, it will not be the inclusion of "Citizen's Daily Quote/Opinion". That would take volunteers (by the way, considering how awesome you all are, having a quote or opinion of yours featured in the paper would be amazing!). Maybe things will turn around soon enough.

Update: It appears that I never awake to anything decent. eChile actually managed to reform its empire. Perhaps I should be more careful with my words when I ask for something interesting. We should all remain cautious of what course eChile will take next with its newfound strength. But I am ecstatic that eChile has gone to war against eFrance. This would make a fine example of when I said I would support anyone who would fight eFrance.



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