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My TCO experiences: TCO 10th and its people

Day 1,253, 13:52 Published in Canada Ireland by binksy
(still being formed) Most likely to be Called the Crimson Fire Drakes

Roster : Captain - Einberliner
Lt - DashRiprock
Sgt - Nogin The Nog

Cpl - Binksy
Cpl - Robin Locksley
Cpl -
Cpl -
Cpl -
Cpl -
Cpl -

Captain Einberliner
Beware the Donut

The driving force behind and founder of the Irish legions.
She has takin the TCO by storm.
In a very short time she has formed 2 legions of Irish myths and former a few Irish Ledgends.
And should more open up i would whole heartedly support her for our leader as a chapter of TCO 🙂

einberliner "To be honest I'm still amazed we've even gotten to a 10th, and so fast! I joined TCO less than three months ago when the 8th wasn't even running yet and to be asked to Captain a legion (the 9th) just for Irish soldiers I couldn't really believe we'd come so far already. Then, eight days later, to be handing the 9th over to Cal so I could set up the well was just mindblowing. We've had a great response from the eIrish and battlewise we've done the TCO proud, I think. Pretty much every day since we started up I've seen at least one of us show up in the BH ranks, often the CH too (and it's not just yddub either )
I look forward to filling the last couple of spaces in the 10th so we can really do battle along side our brothers and sisters in the ninth."

Lt Dashriprock

Owner of the battle boxers.
Excelent bloke /politician /solider

This guy can do almost anything you throw at him and make it look simple.
Im not really sure how else i can or could sum him up to be honest.

Sgt Noggin The Nog

What can i say an officer in 2 Legions and still outdoing my damage shes just that efficent.

Cpl binksy

Cpl Robin Locksley

Dont kno much about this guy yet except that hes a very good solider and that i love the name .
However i advise him to get an avatar from a better robin hood 🙂

Now as you can see this article is much shorter then the first seeing as its only half a legion

This is easily solved WITH MORE IRISH
BAIL IN !!!!!!!!!



REWARD to be determined by speed of delivery

Grainne Ni Mhaille

As last seen here

All the best

Cpl binksy
TCO soilder
10th Legion




Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,253, 13:55

God you gotta love this Irish exodus into TCO.

Magical one might say.

binksy Day 1,253, 13:57

you cant talk your on the 9ths roster 😛

einberliner Day 1,253, 14:19

Voted hard, Binksy you legend.

MaxMaher Day 1,253, 15:11

wah TCO is recruting hard!

caladbolg Day 1,253, 16:49

o7 10th

Janos Leinport
Janos Leinport Day 1,253, 19:45

o7 Join TCO today!

DashRiprock Day 1,253, 22:33

Still need a few good recruits to swell the ranks (not to mention our trashtalking firepower)

Grainne Ni Maille! front and center! You know I run a tight ship, but it would be alot better with you on it. Chop-Chop!

Good job Binksy and of course, all hail to our one and only Donut!

Im on business travel for a couple days, so I wont be around as much. Be back soon!

crisfire Day 1,253, 23:11

o7 10th!

Dewey Cox
Dewey Cox Day 1,254, 01:09

Yay! More drinkin buddys!

Augustus J Gobbee III Esq
Augustus J Gobbee III Esq Day 1,254, 01:45

Cheers to the 10th from the fighting FIST of the 8th!


Yddub Emwolb
Yddub Emwolb Day 1,254, 05:20

Could use some more info on that Binksy guy. Isn't he some RL kick ass archer? Olympic quality?
And if you can add Castaneda and Grainne Ni Maille to your ranks then the 9th has surely been outdone.

binksy Day 1,254, 09:25

haha then i look like an ass 😛

and i cant be lookin like you now that just wouldn do

Robin Locksley
Robin Locksley Day 1,270, 09:13

Thanks Binksy.
I will change my avatar soon...I find myself missing my Jonas Armstrong one.

Robin Locksley
Robin Locksley Day 1,270, 10:51

Do you like my new Avatar?

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