My resignation

Day 941, 05:16 Published in South Africa Netherlands by Fhaemita The Apostate

I can make a real long story about it but I am resigning all my functions in the eSA.
This include (but not limited to) Deputy Minister of Information, Director of Wiki, mentor, XO of the Training Division, my position in the Pretorian Guard, my Ambassador position and any other position I currently hold in the ESA. I am still in congress and will most likely stay in congress the last few days of the congress month. next election I will run as blocked but will not be going to run seriously.

Reason for this is that I feel I am very close to a erepublik burn-out.
I feel I play erepublik out of obligation and that my e-republik live is mostly obligation of things I have to do in the position I hold.

What am I going to do now?
Well, my plan is to go on a e-vacation somewhere and probably two click there.
I don't know my destination yet but somewhere where I can earn good money would be a good candidate.