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My POV on the eSerbians

Day 1,913, 17:49 Published in Japan Republic of China (Taiwan) by Koragi

Well, here goes.

It all started a few months ago, eSerbs started being accepted into the country, probably being accepted through DNP congressmen(not going to point fingers anywhere to who first started the mass acceptance without even thinking about it). They (eSerbs) started massing like wildfire into the Sakurakai party not really saying much to the outsiders yet, but once the party president elections came, if you go and look at the party elections you can see that a certain someone was always trying to win over the current leader of the Sakurakai party president, or maybe he was just waiting on more of his ecomrades to arrive from eSerbia, either way he eventually took power in October of 2012 by 2 votes meaning their was a clear split in the party between the original inhabitants and the eSerbs. The party's name stayed the same for awhile but the party itself was never the same again.

The party's name eventually changed to Constantine The Great and the avatar of the party changed to a Serbian flag next to a Japanese flag, clearly showing a eSerbian presence in the party. Some of the eSerbs argue that the original inhabitants of the party wanted the eSerbian to win but I think not and so does the whole community as when he was elected all of the original inhabitants left and dispersed to other parties in eJapan. This party now is the home to the eSerbs here in eJapan and is currently holding the #3 largest party in eJapan and 28% of the congress also. Scary facts for those who did not know.

But why has such a large group of eSerbians taken to eJapan? Well who the hell knows? Seriously, I ask myself this question everyday and I bet a bunch of you guys do to. Maybe they can be here to help, but they are going about it in a really wrong way, when you move to a new country you probably shouldn't PTO a party and bunch up, just my opinion or the community there will hate you.

Now onto immigration, eSerbs have been coming through the gates like no other and every once in a while one will apply on the forums and sometimes will be accepted and sometimes will be given the "No" by some congress members and the MoS and will still get accepted by that one congress member that never appears on the forums to even state why he accepted him but we can only believe that it is a congress member from the Constantine The Great party as they are full of one culture and that is eSerbian and it seems they are inviting their other eSerbian friends to come play in the eJapanese playground which includes trolling and drama. But seriously, shouldn't their be a quota on how many people can come from one country? I guess not.

Some of the eSerbs say they are here to help and go on about the "Empire of Japan", what do you know about the "Empire" eSerbs? If your really here to help know this, a true none delusional eJapanese player would not care at all about freeing our regions and on how much damage you can do, you first wanted us to respect your damage that you dealt in the RWs against eRoC. Damage isn't everything in this game, your in a completely different part of the world at this point and should accept that we have different customs and ways of accepting people, and I can say it now that just doing damage for our country will not get you respected by the masses. Actions, real reasons for being here and showing off your eJapanese pride and not your eSerbian pride will get you the much needed respect you all talk about.

The Japanese Flag is the Greatest of all things in this universe use it with Pride, Honor and Glory.



bobbySAURON Day 1,913, 18:06

I cry for eSerbia.

ardishabutaro Day 1,913, 18:16

fujiro nakombi ftw o/

ardishabutaro Day 1,913, 18:15

Comment deleted

ardishabutaro Day 1,913, 18:15

have you already asked them personally about it?
you will get the answer.

i already have.

voted for your article. too long, but readed

Koragi Day 1,913, 18:16

Ive asked before, but they all have many different reasons.

Natsu Natsumee
Natsu Natsumee Day 1,914, 23:12

They don't like the situation in eSerbia, so they search for a small country like us, where they can take over the country easy

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Day 1,913, 18:43

This will all be resolved in the end somehow, by peaceful compromise, isolation, or by force.
I hope for the former, but right now the later looks likely.

Natsu Natsumee
Natsu Natsumee Day 1,914, 23:12


Lucifel Day 1,913, 19:32

The best expression to use here is: In Rome be roman.

This means to follow their traditions, rules and respect their sovereignity.

Japan is a country that can be very embracing to new citizens but it's good to stay focused that none the less how parties are called this is Japan and not any other country people may think of. The identity of parties rising flags of other foreign countries (even such a friendly country like Serbia seems out of purpose here).

I would like to see RL serbians act more as japanese and to have fun in honoring the citizenship they requested.

Be Proud!
Be Japanese!

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Day 1,913, 19:56

Another article which will contain a lot of butthurt comments and just silly drama..

Queen Diclonius
Queen Diclonius Day 1,914, 01:18

I got cancer.

kowalski_afc Day 1,914, 01:51

Leaving a comment for my trolls...
Here i am, come to papa! Papa is waiting for you!

Btw, article is fail only because of one thing.
You, "old citizens" maybe should try another thing then just all this drama.
One of the explanation was that "you're keeping eJapan for rl Japanese". Well, i don't think that they will like to come in eJapan which is half occupied.
Try next thing: instead of abuse us, try to use us.

Wise man will understand what i have on my mind. Or you can simply ask me on chat (i'm often there).

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,914, 03:33

If you consider us enemy's, then i will give you one quote:
"Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."
Sun Tzu.

But i see no reason for you to consider us bad, you have much worse "real" eJapanese.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,914, 03:37

it's not about the damage, it's about unity, the one you seek the most. We were victorious not because of our emoney, or our profile strenght, but because we stand together with our friends from all over the world.
We fight together with Janisaries, Darshu, Geezus...
Zodi, Oriazan and others were come to giveaway channel... There was no trolling in the newspapers that day. Yes we had people who were against that, but they weren't really important.

kowalski_afc Day 1,914, 06:25

It's all about politics... Once again...
The way of solving internal problems in eJapan on our channel
[18:13:02] <bobbySAURON> OH UR A GREAT ALLY kowalski_afc
[18:13:08] <bobbySAURON> god ur dumber than expected.
[18:13:17] <bobbySAURON> enjoy ignore list for being stupid

I'm crying now, Bobby puts me on ignore list x )

C. Guaicaipuro
C. Guaicaipuro Day 1,914, 07:29

"a true none delusional eJapanese player would not care at all about freeing our regions"

Enough said.

frejzer Day 1,914, 07:48

You sure do blabber a lot for someone who hasn't done anything for the empire you "know" so much about. Your "empire" was greatly a part of Taiwan than it was itself until recently.And yes,if you want an empire,damage inflicted is the main factor in obtaining one.In a situation like this,that is.I don't doubt trolls like you and certain someones,would rather make an agreement with the Chinese,rendered useless and harmful to eJapan than to stand up for themselves and claim what's theirs.The more you present "the facts" in this article,the greater the paradox it shows.You can accuse & blame the others who actually did something useful,yet you don't have anything beneficial to offer.

"Actions, real reasons for being here and showing off your eJapanese pride and not your eSerbian pride will get you the much needed respect you all talk about."

Seriously?! Actions?! ACTIONS??? eJapanese pride?! I know Japanese pride is certainly not cowardice and defeatism,but eJapanese pride you're talking about has absolutely NOTHING to do with the former. And why should I even respect or care for any from the characters like yourself? If that means idlers and trolls are gonna hate me (or anybody else for that matter) for thwarting their self-subversive ideology they're persistently trying to impose on every citizen,then I couldn't f*$@ing care less.Scary fact is having people like these in the congress or holding significant political positions!

I,for one,perceive eJapan as a space I must ultimately be dedicated to and ensure it's prosperity in every possible way.Whole,stronger and respected eJapan means welfare and harmony for myself and faster development of my player account.That's the only thing I care about as long as it doesn't imperil the other citizens.To achieve this,I don't have to answer to a batch of jackasses,bitching about ever useless,ineffectual and trivial party,who will perish in due time with the help of their incompetence to do better and failure to realize it.

Kami Neko
Kami Neko Day 1,914, 08:52

DMG is nothing we need fun for power and not dmg. Because country where people get fun will fight hard for this, but in country where the citizens don't get fun they just don't play for this.

Queen Diclonius
Queen Diclonius Day 1,914, 09:36

"DMG is nothing we need fun for power and not dmg."
Because being wiped off the map for months is fun too.

Kami Neko
Kami Neko Day 1,914, 09:44

Yes this FUN! When every japanese citizen try to do all to save our country! We feel like real eJapanese when fight toghter again our enemy, how i say we don't need bonuses or something we just need fun! Because of this we don't fear! We are real warriors, Real samurai that can do a Kamikadze for our Emperor, country, and nation.
Ten Thousand Years of Fun 07

Queen Diclonius
Queen Diclonius Day 1,914, 11:31

Damage 17,052,567 for China
17,052,567 / 100,000,000
Damage 1,813,680 for Israel

A true eJapanese you are, Kami Neko.

Kami Neko
Kami Neko Day 1,914, 12:05

If you want i can too...
You for serebia 4,360,502 / 50,000,000 DMG
For japan 40,684,719 / 50,000,000
Me for japan 84,246,413 / 100,000,000

I don't know what you tell here? Yes i don't eborn as eJapanese but i feel like real eJapanese here, and i fight hard for my country. How you can see i travel in the world to find my country, i was in FAS for a year, i fight for eJapan before become one of this great family, i was want eborn as eJapanese but eborn in my real country.

Queen Diclonius
Queen Diclonius Day 1,914, 12:46

And I don't feel eJapanese, is it forbidden for me?
Of course you've got 84mil, and I have 40 mil here you got over 3x more strenght than me, and way higher rank.

Why so dumb.

Kami Neko
Kami Neko Day 1,914, 12:54

You say that i do DMG for other country in the past, and i say the same thing about you. How i say DMG is nothing because the real power is freindship and fun from play.
I want make this eCountry Fun2Play more than now, and hope that serbian will do the same by become a part of us and not like a virus invasion to our body.

kowalski_afc Day 1,914, 10:44

Kami, recall that eSerbia has 10/10. If any of us wanted only resources, we will be there, not here.
It's not a question of only fight or only bonuses or only friends. It's all together.
Let me try to explain you.
In eSerbia i had all: bonuses, friends, battles whole day long. But, the politicians make sh** all around. Sorry, but i couldn't stand it.
So, i heard that eJapan is the ideal country for the new start.
I must to admit you, people were right. It's not a question are we going to win the battle. It's not a question of bonuses. For me, it's not a question of politics. It's a question of fun.
It's a question of brotherhood.
It's a question of chat.
It's a question of people around me.
It's a question to fight together, to chat together, to help each other, to have the fun as I (personally) had in in eIndonesia when eSerbia was wiped by eCroatia.
It's a question of new start.

As soon as some of us finish with drama and accept us fully like a friends, try to understand us, try to explain us and try to help us, this sh*** with drama will end.

There will be always trolls. Problems. But, it's nothing if we have understanding to each other.

So please, stop with this sh***y drama and try to talk with each other. It'll be fun, believe me.

Kami Neko
Kami Neko Day 1,914, 12:14

You don't have eSerbian flag in avatar, you in eJapanese party and not in the serbian party that stolen from us, you look like eJapanese. It's the difference between you and other eSerbians. I can talk with you like with ejapanese, but when i talk with "Serbian ejapanese" i feel that i talk with eSerbian and not with eJapanese.

kowalski_afc Day 1,914, 12:23

Kami, i'm very flexible person, i can adopt very fastly. We are all different. So, give them time. Chance. Help them.
Believe me, they will listen to you or anyone else who tells them on some normal way.
All this drama is not that way.

I noticed that many people already changed their avatars. That's a start, isn't it?

Kami Neko
Kami Neko Day 1,914, 12:48

I don't have problems with serbian, i love serbian but i don't like what serbian do to our country when they come here. I can give them time but other eJapanese can't. You know real life Japanese don't like other people from the world that live in their country. Its very very hard to be in this family because you need to be like them, this is only way to get 0% of hate. The same is in eJapan we don't love people that do bad things in our country we just LOVE our eCountry so HARD and if anybody just do something to us we will hate him forever. Serbian DESTROY our party and is like to cut part of our body, if this nation want to be eJapanese i think for first they need leave "their" party and give her back to us and them if they will be real part of us.

I hope in the future i will see serbian a part of our family, nation, and society.

Queen Diclonius
Queen Diclonius Day 1,914, 15:12

" virus invasion to our body."

Is it your country only? Your body? Are you a real Japanese?
No. You're just like everybody else here.

There is no, your body, our body.

Kami Neko
Kami Neko Day 1,915, 00:46

I say OUR how you can to see, and i was born in the Far East, Russia, Siberia. I born in city that borders with China and our culture similar to asian culture, so from two of us i think, i'm more asian than you.

Queen Diclonius
Queen Diclonius Day 1,915, 10:51

lol you're stupid. China and Japan have different cultures...

Kami Neko
Kami Neko Day 1,915, 21:37

If you call me stupid what this makes you? I say that our culture similar to ASIAN culture not Japanese culture. Have a nice day 🙂

Queen Diclonius
Queen Diclonius Day 1,916, 02:37

Yeah, and that doesn't make you Japanese, so why even bring it up?

Kami Neko
Kami Neko Day 1,916, 10:22

Japanese culture Chinese Korean and other countrys in the Far East, their culture called asian culture because they all similar to each other.

Oraizan Day 1,914, 14:01

Meh, agreed with Kowalski for the most part. Even if they were a PTO (which I personally doubt) there isn't sense in fighting them now, when they can easily take us with force. Wiser minds would work towards using their talents for the betterment of eJapan than fighting them to create more problems and give them reason to forcibly oppress everybody else.

But I also think the way you came here was wrong, and you should make amends for it if you want people to accept you as well. The avatars too, are a problem to me. The party name is whatever, I would prefer it to be something more relative to Japan, but it's not such a big deal as long as the photo has only japanese flag in it. But they're right, you have to have patience and give people time, and they have to have patience with us and give us time to adjust as well.

It's a two way street.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,914, 14:16

well, those people who won elections in sakurakai are not too much active today, basic;lly they only fighting for eJapan, not to much in politics...

Koragi Day 1,914, 18:28

They mainly left eJapan because their party was taken from them.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,915, 00:59

I was talking about people who won the election, not the one who lost.
Dont read what is better to you to read...
If they left because of that, then they are not worth of discusion, they acted like cowards instead to stay and fight.

bozimano dorks
bozimano dorks Day 1,914, 17:47

@koragi your dmg for japan my dmg any question

Koragi Day 1,914, 18:27

<--- eBorn here and have only been around since August. Do some math? 😛

Kami Neko
Kami Neko Day 1,915, 00:51

How i say DMG is nothing, i don't play for DMG i play to get fun from this. Serbians maybe live as people that get fun from doing DMG so you need to know that most of us not.
Make this country Fun2Play and not Fun2DMG because this not fun.

Cozza Day 1,914, 18:23

You know what happened to New Zealand and Taiwan?

Yeah..........That's happening to you.

Have fun

Cozza Day 1,914, 18:24

Oppps mean Thailand. Not Taiwan.

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Day 1,914, 18:36

Oh it did happen to Taiwan aswell, way way back.

Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,915, 01:16

How smart you are, thailand didnt had active citizen from real Thailand, soo people come there to start over, same like eJapan, i dont see: we are "PTOed" articles there, or on NZ. It's only problem that Serbs makes bigest part of erep population, soo where ever we go, we will have large numbers. That doesn't mean that it's a PTO.

kowalski_afc Day 1,915, 00:23

you don't have any idea what is going on on eNZ, do you? : )

Cozza Day 1,915, 00:29

Its turned into a Serbian Colony soon as it came into the game.

kowalski_afc Day 1,915, 02:51

as i told, you don't have any idea what is going on : ) At least, try to ask someone at eNZ to explain you : )
Cheers o/

kowalski_afc Day 1,915, 03:04

Btw, about eSerbian PTOers, read this article and comments carefull. eNZ (and i mean RL eNZ citizens) were smart enough:

Read and think about it...

ex eKiwi, one of the first eKiwis,

Lucifel Day 1,915, 05:17

I really see no reason with the tension about the serbian immigrants.

The only thing that they did was referred to a party which that i think it was wrong to change the identity of it. There aren't only serbians there and that was cheap to act like that.

None the less if all work for the progress of Japan so it's all ok.

Let us all be proud and be japanese!

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