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My Goals Updated!!

Day 1,845, 22:45 Published in USA USA by Sgt. Flatt

Hi EUSA I would like to show you guys the update on my Goals list before I move onto rabbling!

Over the next two to three months
X= fully done /= halfway
[] Get to the US Congress.
[X] Start a power company between my brother and I.
[] Have that company become a source that many people buy from.
[/] Turn my MU from private ( just family and friends) to public (anyone).
[] Get an Ewife.
[] make 10'000 USD fast ( any donations???).
[] Get my Newspaper to 150 Subscriptions.
[] Join an Ereligion.
[] Get in a heated debate with RGR.
[] Win that debate even though he is using facts (very rare).
[/] Donate 10 Gold to new players.

So me and my brother are now in business!!! We are starting off selling Q1 weapons because it's easy to mass produce! Please buy our products starting tomorrow, the price is always lower than that of the market!
Well that's all I have to say!
Spiddy over and out!
Vote shout sub Spider-Man!!


John Largo
John Largo Day 1,846, 15:18

who is your brother?

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 1,847, 06:43

It's spiderman, so sgt. flatt must be his brother.
Now, we both know too much

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