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My Fourth Speech as President

Day 1,889, 13:18 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Rican

Greetings citizens and friends,

There are a few items and updates that I want our citizens to be aware of. As all of you know, the ever growing problem of a political take-over has forced the Swiss government to re-think our strategy, as well as focus our efforts into stopping this monster from continuing to strengthen his grip on the Swiss community. With that said, I am sad to announce that there will be:

No Congress

Therefore, it's important that I explain what is happening between Switzerland and Slovenia. With the threat of a political take-over still prevalent within our community, the government has decided that it would be best to once again lose our regions before Congress elections to ensure that none of the cheaters will be able to pose any risks to Swiss sovereignty. The procedures have already been signed through the 3 Point Plan* (See below). Soon Slovenia will wipe us of our regions, and will immediately return Graubunden and Svizzera italiana to us after the Congress elections are over. And so, although we will once again have another month without Congress, if we look at the benefits to doing so, Swiss safety is far more important than having Congress members.

Now here is the hard part. Today we will be NE (Natural Enemy) with Slovenia and we will start the attack. I am asking our citizens to refrain from fighting against Slovenia. This war must end quickly and Slovenia MUST WIN. Furthermore, I am asking our MU commanders and captains not to set these wars as “Daily Orders”.

On a lighter note…. I have noticed that not many citizens are taking advantage of the FREE food and tanks that our government is offering.
I just don’t get it !
What the frack is wrong with FREE ? ? ?

Here are the links:

Free Food every other day for Swiss citizens:

Free Q7 tanks every day for Swiss citizens:

These links change so follow the offers in our Swiss News section on your home page and read the instructions; vote the articles; and friend the writers.



*Bilateral Treaty between the Swiss Confederation and the Slovenian

The Nine-month-3-Point Plan

The Swiss Confederation and the Slovenian Republic:
Wish to encourage cooperation and friendship between the two nations;
Work to protect Swiss national security;

Have adopted the following 3-Point Plan:

Article I

1) Slovenia will wipe Switzerland before Congress Elections every month whenever requested

Article II

1) 1) Switzerland will start liberating Graubunden and Svizzera italiana on 24th each month
a) Slovenia will assist the Swiss military effort in the Resistance War
In case of a PTO, Slovenia will keep Switzerland wiped permanently until the PTO threat is gone or deal expires, if requested by the signed Swiss representative of this treaty (Rican)

Article III

1) Slovenia will rent Deutschschweiz and Romandie from Switzerland for 30,000 country currency per month
a) Payment will be made to the Swiss representative of this treaty (chukcha) on the last day of every month
Rent can be negotiated with the Swiss representative of this treaty (Rican) every month, after payment is made for the current month.



Rican Day 1,889, 13:20

Please shout this article:

Swiss CP's Forth Speech
Important Information !

Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 1,889, 13:27

Good job Rican. : )

klop123 Day 1,889, 13:33

You guys should charge 42 000/month for both the regions.

Gl with the PTOers!

Revolucionarbgd Day 1,889, 13:47


Hunter4Life123 Day 1,889, 13:53


Kliment E. Voroshilov
Kliment E. Voroshilov Day 1,889, 14:09


Thomas Keesman
Thomas Keesman Day 1,889, 14:26

good info - but sad. so much energy to 'disappear ourselves', just so we can exist [sorta]. but, it that's what it takes, that's what it takes.

re: food and tanks - it may be that most of us feel other eCitizens need the food more than we do. i take it every so often, but always feel kinda cheap. now as to the weapons thing... it's just a case of being polite. my mom always said 'thomas, don't do something thinking you'll get tanks for it.' plus, all that screen-shooting and posting is really, really hard to do for old guys [like me].

anyway, good info, great inits. thanks rican and other patriots.

XherrzMKD Day 1,889, 14:32


Rican Day 1,889, 14:51

Thank you Thomas....
you are a respected citizen. you deserve whatever perks we can offer.
: D

Thedillpickl Day 1,889, 18:39

Go Swiss!

Don Ori
Don Ori Day 1,889, 20:23

Good job Rican : ) o7

Rican Day 1,890, 23:18

Fight for Switzerland in Deutschschweiz

We have an agreement with Slovenia and
Switzerland keeps her agreements !

Benjamin Willems
Benjamin Willems Day 1,890, 01:15


Kliment E. Voroshilov
Kliment E. Voroshilov Day 1,890, 01:40

I personally agree with Thomas. I'm a way too lazy to take that screenshot, We should find something that can prove player effectivness in battle, but that isn't screenshot.

NaciR II
NaciR II Day 1,890, 03:24

comment je apprendre à jouer à ce jeu?

Xiunion Day 1,890, 06:14

Hail Rican !

Axolotus Day 1,890, 14:08

Good job !

HGVDGKD Day 1,890, 14:12

I'm from france and sorry, I can't understand why a war started if you and slovenia make an agreement like this one ... ?
Rebels in slovenia?
What is the reaction of the slovenian government?
Or I didn't understand this message and the agreement is newer than the war?

Rican Day 1,891, 00:29

no Boris.... we need to lose this war because we are too vulnerable to have a congress right now.
no regions = no congress
Switzerland started the war with Slovenia's agreement.

the agreement we have with our friends in slovenia is that they will return our regions after the elections.

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