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My Fellow Americans. (Flatt co

Day 1,849, 06:27 Published in USA USA by Sgt. Flatt

Dear USA,
Flatt Co ( My brother and I) are doing something new. Today we are starting the New Player of the Month Campaign! Basically its we find a couple new players and we follow them for a full month, and whoever goes the farthest in this game within the month wins 1/4 of all profits! So the losers get a consolation prize but it will be split between them. So basically we are taking 1/2 of all profits each month and giving it away free!
So please dear Americans buy from Flatt. Co and support the NPMC!

. sincerely,
. Big and Little Flatt bros.

If you have not friend,
Sgt. Flatt
legshaver (who will be creating his own news to show profits, contestants, and prices)

Vote shout sub Spider-man



pasha marco
pasha marco Day 1,849, 14:49


NueveOcho Day 1,849, 14:50

Serbian PTTOers can participate?

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