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My end of my mandate

Day 1,813, 10:32 Published in Switzerland Serbia by Rik Daphnee

Dear friends,

After one month, some options on my account have just expired... With many options, obligations have expired, too. My emotions are mixed. I have no reason to feel sorry for anything. It was a honor and I am proud that I was president in this lovely country.

Hello, Mr. President.
I say bye bye. 🙂

Switzerland, say welcome to new president, Monsieur Gulliontine. November will be very interesting month It is going to be interesting for citizens, Government and, of course, our new Country President.

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank you \o/
Thank you for your votes and thank you for trust, because trust is most important thing in eSwitzerland, in World, everywhere.

I must mention one thing... We started last mandate with three rookies, and we end mandate with 3 new people in Swiss politic who really deserve positions in next Governments. Good job Walen, FAE and Plasmakp!




Hoffman12 Day 1,813, 10:44

o7 Mr. President

MadelineJoshua Day 1,813, 11:52


Rican Day 1,813, 12:09

you were an exceptional CP during a month of extraordinary turmoil.
NOBODY could have done a better job, made better decisions or govern more equitably.
I'm glad we had you to guide and support us.
Please stay involved. We still need you.
Highest Regards,

Trogdorthetroll100 Day 1,813, 12:33

Rican x2

Ubod sisa
Ubod sisa Day 1,813, 12:33


Asmadi Day 1,813, 12:42

What have you done for the country during this month?

War3hous313 Day 1,813, 12:44


Archein von Drakenov
Archein von Drakenov Day 1,813, 13:41

One great president in front of two great crisis. One word : bravo (:

Fronte Anarchico eItaliano
Fronte Anarchico eItaliano Day 1,813, 13:46

Rican x3

Your words, in this article, move me. But more than that, excited me to have been in your government.
I am proud to be Swiss. I'm proud of you, psihihihih

David North
David North Day 1,813, 14:35

Rican x4

powerown64 Day 1,813, 18:22

Rican x5

powerown64 Day 1,813, 18:22

"I applaude your ingenuity in the face of overwhelming difficulty"

vasmegye Day 1,813, 22:33

Thank you, mister President.

SALESMAN21 Day 1,814, 01:03

You did a great job erasing Switzerland!

Rican Day 1,814, 06:55

In addition to getting a colony of multis & PTOers, we have acquired a colony of trolls.

How tedious !

Asmadi Day 1,815, 10:10

oh, no answer, nice
another shitty CP
GJ Psihi

milladin Day 1,817, 14:18


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