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My Congressional Run

Day 1,797, 09:43 Published in North Korea North Korea by KimJungUn

I am running for congress now there are a few issues that are currently a thorn in north Korea's side
1. immigration, we are not getting any new people because MeiFawAn always declares war on china so they always take our regions right before congressional elections start now if I get elected I will accept CS requests that I think will help North Korea.
2. Allies/Enemies, I will try to see if we can be friends with China but not right away but slowly. But I will not side with countries like Serbia and Bulgaria that try to PTO countries constantly.
3. Presidency, I will try my best to impeach MeiFawAn as soon as possible if someone else hadn't already.
4. Taxes, I will try to lower taxes cause I had to move to china just to get a job cause the highest pay here when I needed a job was 12.00 KPW but taxes only gave me 9.00 KPW.
and 5. Minimum Wage, I will try to raise minimum wages to help the workers of the world.



Bob Wu
Bob Wu Day 1,797, 13:45

We will work together if elected! I strongly agree with most of your agenda.

Ling Chang
Ling Chang Day 1,798, 11:56

We should make alliance with the eBrasil is a country in growing economy in erepublik! I speak Portuguese I can lead this "negotiation"

SocratesGroucho II
SocratesGroucho II Day 1,806, 08:52

Very good article, I think you and I be friends, because we have the same ideals and think alike.
Too bad you did not come out as a member of Congress, because only by your words deserve.
Greetings Comrade
+1 bob wu
+1 Ling chang

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