My Analysis

Day 1,307, 20:51 Published in USA Canada by Haliman

Let me start off by saying this is my own personal rant. Not much thought has gone into making this a pretty article. If you’re just gonna waste time to comment something that is not constructive, please spend your time doing something much more productive (like defending against Indospolungary)

Good evening America. I just read the President’s article. That, coupled with SVV’s article, made me feel uneasy.

Eleven applications. We have let our country’s defense become entrenched in beauracracy, and that is unnacceptable. It will be our inevitable undoing.

That being said, I was not around for the PEACE invasion of our soil. So I will not be making comparisons. And if I do, they may be innaccurate. If that is the case, I apologize.

But some we really need is a concentrated tank force. Let me explain.

We need to unify. Just our leaders talking to each other is not enough. We should have a mass attack battle channel, but invite every member of every military group in the country.This wouldn’t be like #usa-battle or #defense. It’d be like a hybrid. The military leaders would have protected ops, and would direct damage with everyone present. This will maximize our force, and we will pack a bigger punch.

This will also help immensly increase our communication.

To the military leader that wishes to keep autonomy, and would refuse this: Enjoy a country ruled by Europe. I’d rather give up autonomy temporarily than have it taken from me indefinitely.

We don’t need people applying to one of our eleven military units. We need our eleven military units to converge into one unified defense. We’ve seen that eleven < ONE.

Now let’s show them that one > ONE