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My Analysis.

Day 2,344, 00:06 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Muz1

The last week has seen us being labelled as an untrustworthy nation just because of the action of our government, which to be honest has been a real failure since the PTI has come into power. I'll start from when Vigoncalves86 was the President.
He has been quoted as saying, "I couldn't govern properly b/c I didn't have access to the orgs. Seriously man? Like what the hell?! You have been the President for 4 times before and you have no idea how to write a ticket to the admins to get the passwords to the org!? The PTI/PRF has continuously raged on the DPP for supporting Didei to become the CP and he was ridiculed for no obvious reason than the PTI's rivalry with the DPP. Didei had been a friend of Pakistan long before the PTI members had even heard of this game yet he was labelled a "Medal Hunter". Whatever the case, his governance was far better than that of both Comkar and Vigon.
Then, here comes the Comkar government to the rescue! To rescue Pakistan from the 'infidel swine' i.e Every Non-RL ePakistani who had been loyal to ePakistan. This government started as a big failure when the Ministry of Defence, a vital ministry only offered to experienced and loyal people was given to labelled PTOers who straight away revealed their intentions by starting an Attack on China. The same China which has been kind enough to help us in the time of need and not wiping us off when it has the opportunity to do so a million times over without giving a rat's a*s.
After this FAIL, the government starts considering an AirStrike without any planning or consultation. Europe is a strong point in this eWorld and when one plans to enter the land of the euro's he must build up relations with Big Powers, have some backup plan and at least use its brain, if that isn't illegal yet where the people in our government live. In the past two months, Pakistan has been the ground of a massive exodus and has lost all it's important tanks. The DarkKnight, TheJakal, Ariovistus, rainy sunday and quite a number of others who might've skipped my mind. These aren't the only people to have been a part of the exodus but the immaturity of the government but RL ePakistani citizens e.g Heart Stealer have refused to communicate with any ePakistani citizens.
What has come out of this airstrike is nothing but a lot of failure and a tarnished reputation of ePakistan and her citizens, just because of the mere immaturity of the government. Oh, and what kind of MoFA do we have who is abusing a Country President of a country in a message?
Every cloud has a silver lining and perhaps this might have one too. I hope the next time people are able to use just 1% of their brain, if that's not too much to ask before they press on the "PTI" button while voting in any of the three elections because the past two months stand as proof that the party is nothing but fake promises, fake hopes and fake Profiles.
Spare me your arguments as I've got exams and I won't be giving a rats arse to what you have to say.

Signing off,
Former President of ePakistan
2x Prime Minister


TheJakal Day 2,344, 00:28

"party is nothing but fake promises, fake hopes and fake Profiles."

LogicIsEveryWhere Day 2,344, 04:21

Comment deleted

LogicIsEveryWhere Day 2,344, 04:22

You are one of the best tanks of ePakistan and yet you didn't even fight in the wars just because you didn't like the president or PTI. Real mature uncle.

btw, your friend's analysis didn't even notice that.

Arfan-Khan Day 2,344, 06:15

Who said he didn't fight????

LogicIsEveryWhere Day 2,344, 06:53


TheJakal Day 2,344, 11:19

i did very little FF just out of courtesy to TDK who was spending everything he had on this war.

I will not fight for stupidity or for a party that makes multis and wins vote. Pakistan is dead, its filled with idiots who have been banned or will be banned for making multis. There is no honour left in the government and its failed one after the other. So why don't try to suck it up to me by saying one of the best tanks. I don't care about ePakistan and I have moved on.

TheJakal Day 2,344, 11:29

oh and before you morons start crying about how this stupid AS united Pakistan than remember how you treated David Smythes AS. So practice before you silly idiots preach.

LogicIsEveryWhere Day 2,344, 11:36

lol, you are the one sucking up to TDK.

LogicIsEveryWhere Day 2,344, 11:36

btw Why so butthurt? Calm down uncle.

Muz1 Day 2,344, 01:49

You know what's wrong with the government when LordFarhan, who had been a supporter of the PTI acknowledges their stupidity and non-professionalism.

LogicIsEveryWhere Day 2,344, 04:24

Wasn't there a single positive thing that you could find with your analysis? From the looks of the article it seems that you were seriously waiting for this Govt to fail weren't u? So that you could cash in with your hatred and settle old scores. For a balanced criticism see The DarkKnight's article that u just liked and comments on it from PTI's ex-spokesperson.

>I hope the next time people are able to use just 1% of their brain

All the hatred you are spreading around are the thejakal's planted thoughts in your brain. First learn to have your own independent opinion before advising people how to use brain.

LogicIsEveryWhere Day 2,344, 04:57

Ahh, I forgot to add, I don't give a rats arse that you won't be giving a rats arse to what anyone have to say.

Goodluck with your exam.

kualkerr The Warrior Poet
kualkerr The Warrior Poet Day 2,344, 06:29

lol, your sense of humour/sarcasm is getting even better 😛

TheJakal Day 2,344, 11:21

Yes, blame TheJakal for everything. You can even pin this governments failure on me because I didn't tank.

Stop being such a shit creator dodial, talking through multis is pathetic.

LogicIsEveryWhere Day 2,344, 11:32

Yeah right, dodial created this multi even before joining this game. What dumb@ss you are!!! LOL

TheJakal Day 2,344, 11:34

sure dodial, use whatever silly excuse you want. I already know its yours, I already know when kualkerr was banned he transferred some of his multis over as did aovelhanegra, how do I know, your mentor told me. But its okay, I understand you kids need to cheat to win, its an ego thing, its sad and pathetic but its the way you small minded people function which is why Pakistan will remain small minded and retarded and revert back to pre-DPP days and become insignificant.

LogicIsEveryWhere Day 2,344, 11:48

lol, whatever helps you sleep at night!!!

kualkerr The Warrior Poet
kualkerr The Warrior Poet Day 2,345, 02:31


HAHA... like seriously?? 😃 .... the freak doesn't even know who you are! 😃

Innocent Killer
Innocent Killer Day 2,344, 05:16

Gud luck with ur exams

Uzair J
Uzair J Day 2,344, 06:03

Good Luck with you exams.. and no matter what reasons anyone might give, most of what's written above is true.. time to learn some many lessons from all this..

Dio Radenko
Dio Radenko Day 2,344, 08:09

Iz always the same shit.
Of course, AS was hvailure, we had no use of Belgium regions as our capital was in Asia, and we made more new enemies than new friends. And we wasted all the money.

Let's discuss alternatives now ..
Dioists are leaving the country = VA is weak
In DPP multi account won the party elections (he was only candidate) so u couldn't access party page hvor hvew days.
Basically, no one gives a f.

What bothers me .. as resident of Pakistan who isn't rl Paki, is to see all these foreigners fight for Pakistan while we still have the same shit.

Hvariz and Manzur might be stupid, but I separate them hvrom this

You see, you will need these people tomorrow as well, when someone else's in power.
If someone cares enough to waste his resources on Pakistan, we shudn't make him look stupid for doing it.

So what now?
They failed.
What will you do?
Will you bring dioists back?
Will you make folks from your party give a f. again?

No, you won't.
It's Pakistan's destiny right now to be small isolated country.
And countries like that deserve stupid leadership.
You don't have to be Einstein to manage country with 1 region.

So, buy your tickets for USA in time ..

kirintaimu Day 2,344, 08:14


Sparkfyre Day 2,344, 10:52

Muz \o/
Voted! Nicely done kiddo

Uzair J
Uzair J Day 2,344, 12:04

look who's back from hibernation !!

Sparkfyre Day 2,344, 14:15

Nope, still in hibernation lol

Poco Curantism
Poco Curantism Day 2,344, 13:19

Dark times.

Very dissapointing.

Avalokitesvara Day 2,344, 14:19

/me processing the data
the outcome is not very bright

Iron Punch
Iron Punch Day 2,344, 15:07

If this is to end in fire
Then we should all burn together
Watch the flames climb high into the night

Calling out for the rope
Stand by and we will
Watch the flames burn auburn on
The mountain side high

And if we should die tonight
Then we should all die together
Raise a glass of wine for the last time

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