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MU Tournament

Day 2,002, 01:24 Published in Austria Austria by Harzakc

Everbody who has not joined yet --> COME AND JOIN the ARMED FORCES OF AUSTRIA (click) and get TRIPLE DAILY ORDER REWARDS for a week!


exkrementensammler [MoD]


Gullberg Day 2,002, 01:26

First time that it's been a benefit being in a small country! 😃

Don  Machak
Don Machak Day 2,002, 01:38

one good update of game for change... shity gold mines destroyed economy even more..

AkatsukiMember Day 2,002, 02:12


Schwrzwolf Day 2,003, 03:07

Will be a glorious feeling for apis & cerovina to see their MU win this competition in Austria. Oh wait - you need to be first, not last? This is unfair, admins are discriminating tiegers!!!

Schwrzwolf Day 2,003, 03:10

The standings at the moment I'm writing this:
Bundesheer - 74m (wolfwien rules 😉
Szekler - 13m
Kurucs - 7m
tiegers - 4m

Luis Grindl
Luis Grindl Day 2,003, 09:24

Its the Admins fault, for sure hehe

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