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Mr. Pickle Goes to Washington

Day 1,859, 01:14 Published in USA Canada by Thedillpickl

Hi kids!

Some competition never hurt anyone.

The country needs a little pickle! Please vote WTP if you'd like me to represent us in Congress.


Pickle's Patriots CO
Congress Whip
Ambassador to Switzerland
Previous Senator x4 (40th, 44th, 56th, 57th)
Previous Whip x6
Previous UIP President x2
Previous UIP Vice President
Previous UIP Sec. of Media x4
Previous BoL Vice President x2

Move & Vote

Requesting if you are not in a top 4 party that you move to WTP or USWP for ATO BEFORE reset on the 23rd. Of course you may move back to your 'fun' parties after the 25th. We would really appreciate your help!

Please take a moment during your busy day to vote for AMP, Fed's, WTP or USWP on the 25th. And remember, I'll be running under the WTP. Thanks to John Jay and the guys at WTP. And thank YOU for your consideration.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Candor Day 1,859, 01:22

"a little pickle" tehehehe!


Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,859, 02:39


Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,859, 03:56

VOTE We The People on the 25th.
For The People.
By The People.
We The People

Dio Salaar
Dio Salaar Day 1,859, 07:10


Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,859, 07:11

Thedillpickl for POTUS!

Dinnyin Day 1,859, 07:15

Whip it pickl, whip it good!

Cheap Sunglasses
Cheap Sunglasses Day 1,859, 07:18


Serendipitous Day 1,859, 07:18

This is too good.

Joe DaSmoe
Joe DaSmoe Day 1,859, 07:19


Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 1,859, 07:24

voted for an end to all smiley faces. You have changed the way I feel about them.

Dan/naD Wilshire
Dan/naD Wilshire Day 1,859, 07:25

vote 15

Kodos Day 1,859, 07:56

Good luck, pickl!

chimichonga barbosa
chimichonga barbosa Day 1,859, 08:49

Git some sucka!

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,859, 08:51

Love me some Pickl

Kutluk Bilge Kul Pala Pipi Day 1,859, 09:01

Comment deleted

Thedillpickl Day 1,859, 09:07

LOL! I don't have a clue where that ^ came from.

@Ghost of Tom Joad, smiley faces are yer friend! 😃:D

Iamnameless Day 1,859, 09:38

voted for smiley goodness

Iamnameless Day 1,859, 09:38

Also, wannabe Nazis are douchebags.

That is all.

Norbengo Day 1,859, 10:05

We may had our disputes but I must admit, there's still hope for you pickl.

shiloh13 Day 1,859, 10:34


Thedillpickl Day 1,859, 11:25

@Iamnameless, I enjoy history, especially US Civil War history. Slavery was not the issue although some wish to pretend that was. Referring to the swastika, I would say that I do not blame the German people for what an Austrian immigrant did to their country. They suffered greatly too. However I see no 'fun' in RP'ing as a Nazi. (God help them if they really believe they are a Nazi.) Even though the Nazi mystique and the history of Hitler is very interesting there is no possible explanation for the atrocities committed. Even the Ku Klux Klan had some legitimate reasons for being after the fall of the Confederacy (not that I believe they were 'right' or 'good'). Hitler had one central purpose, world domination by genocide and subjugation. All were inferior to the Aryan peoples and even those inferior to himself.

@Norbengo, it's the hat on general Lee isn't it? You cracked up when you saw 'Santa Lee' and realized that I have a warped sense of humor. 😃:D

Candor Day 1,859, 11:37

Pickl, was John Wilkes Boothe a Patriot or assassin? I liked Lincoln, but that's not the question (or shouldn't be). Lincoln was the nations top soldier, the nation was at war (I know, it was technically over but then lets just say this happened a month earlier and continue), the top soldier was killed.

My son played JWB in a school play. His teacher told him JWB was a "bad guy". I thought that was rather simplistic to say the least, though equally the "common" conception historically.

I'm of the opinion that had the south won the war, JWB most certainly wouldn't have been viewed as a "bad guy" (and that's my only dog).

History is written by the victors.

As to slavery, change the word slave out for money and do you have a problem? Wars are usually fought for economic reasons, my belief is this was true for the Civil War as well, in large part.

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,859, 11:38

lets slip a pickle into congress when they're not looking

MaryamQ Day 1,859, 11:44

Everyone needs more Pickl!

Bisha Is Here
Bisha Is Here Day 1,859, 12:29
pls help us with some gold, so we can upgrade our MU weapon factory to Q7 ...Thnx

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,859, 14:10

Pickles are yummy!

weasel2 Day 1,859, 14:51

WTP win! Now with Pickl Power!

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Day 1,859, 15:04

Pickles are my favorite relish.

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,859, 17:13

members and supporters

pls move to this party ASAP



ChiMiner Day 1,859, 17:32

Ben MHP'lilerle ilgili hiçbir yazımda 'siyah takım, beyaz çorap' yazmadım. Ben de geçmişte beyaz çorap giymiştim. Melih Gökçek nereden bulduysa onu yayınlamış. Sadece doğuştan kazanılmış bir özelliğe teslimiyet fikrini içinde barındırdığı için milliyetçilik meselesine uzağım. Tartışabiliriz, beni ikna edebilirsiniz belki ama doğrularımdan vazgeçmem.

LongLiveTheElitists Day 1,859, 20:39


Thedillpickl Day 1,859, 21:51

Hanibal LA
Day 1,859, 17:13
members and supporters..."

This is always amusing to me. Hanibal, do you not have the capability and/or means to message your own people? The only time I pester you is to post something I want AFA to see or to respond to you or one of your flunkies. I do not post messages for my people on your articles. I spent $4000 for 500 votes, can you not afford to do the same? Have some balls man, pony up the fake eBucks.

@Candor, Personally I view JWB as an assassin. If the war was still on it could be rationalized that the killing was an act of war. Regardless, the manner in which Lincoln was killed was clearly an assassination. The CIA, while denying it, to this day uses the same tactic to harass our enemies. Personally, I think JWB was a psychopath with deep seated anger issues.

To be clear, I understand why Lincoln was and is such a popular figure. My reasons for not liking him are very similar to the reason I don't like popular presidents today. Lincoln was pretty much the innovator of PR spin, he also 'created' executive privilege. His third fling whom he eventually married, Mary Todd actually brought family slaves on their honeymoon. The Todd's were prosperous slave owners/traders from Kentucky. Lincoln was the first president to use exec privilege to trample our constitutional rights. One of his first acts during the war of Northern aggression would be to 'shut down' Northern newspapers that printed anti-war articles. Yes, Lincoln was quite a liberator, if you agreed with him.

In a letter to Horace Greeley of the New York Tribune Lincoln said, "My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery.". He goes on to say that he really didn't care if slaves were free or not, but that he did prefer freedom. The war was all about money. The South had it and Northern robber barons wanted it.

lancer450 Day 1,859, 22:07

"Pickles are good for teh soul."

- Old Chinese Proverb

Geronimo100 Day 1,860, 00:32

Pickle for the People

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,860, 05:04

Frederick Douglass is the all time greatest 'spin doctor', he took a rebellion for states rights and turned it into a struggle for freedom; the only mistake the south made was not freeing the slaves before firing on Fort Sumter.

Thedillpickl Day 1,860, 05:55

@Ichabod, that is something to consider I suppose. Could you differentiate between fighting for the right to self govern and the struggle for freedom. I'm a bit fuzzy on that point.The rebels from 1776 stood up to King George for much the same reason and they secured our freedom as independent states. Not sure if King George put any 'spin' on things. I think he mostly said FU and threw people in the dungeon.

Thedillpickl Day 1,860, 06:21

I'd like to say that I believe that slavery never really ended in the US. Prior to the Emancipation Proclamation slave ownership was legal in many of the United States. Afterward the country floundered for a few decades, and through a series of major wars, we built ourselves up to a world powerhouse. We were top of the line through the 50's & 60's. What was the difference between WWI and WWII? FDR's new deal. With the economic depression and the dust bowl leaving many Americans starving Roosevelt sends relief to the people. The second wave of federal 'help' is not so good. Works Progress Administration (WPA) creates camps full of underpaid workers who depend upon the WPA for food and housing. The United States Housing Authority allows for the 'warehousing' of people that we don't know what to do with. The Farm Security Administration was a failed attempt to create federally owned communes. It failed because farmers would rather starve to death than sell out to the govt. And finally Social Security... The slush fund for pork barrel spending. "Give us your money and we'll dole it out to you when you retire.". Yeah, and make you feel like giving you back your own money is a big deal.

Now people live in HUD housing, get food stamps (EBT) and have their needs subsidized all the time while working at Wal-Mart for below poverty wages. Way to go! Sam Walton's family are the plantation owners and they've figured out how to make Uncle Sam house, feed and clothe their slaves.

Hale26 Day 1,860, 06:31

VOTE We The People on the 25th.
For The People.
By The People.
We The People with 20% more pickles....

depici Day 1,860, 08:15

my vote is yours

Thedillpickl Day 1,860, 08:43

:dumbfounded: Is that really depici?

helixer Day 1,860, 14:10

we need a big, ginormous pickle in congress! don't sell yourself short 😛

loftedraptor Day 1,860, 21:56

Nice Read, Thanks! Voted!

Best wishes and may your glass never be empty,

Christopher Edwards II
Christopher Edwards II Day 1,860, 22:02

"Requesting if you are not in a top 4 party that you move to WTP or USWP for ATO BEFORE reset on the 23rd."

As you are referring to the "Top 4" as opposed to the "Top 5", that would be AFA, AMP, Federalist and USWP as they are the four highest ranking parties. Puts a different spin on your attempt to revise the vocabulary of the game mechanics, doesn't it?

Thedillpickl Day 1,860, 22:03


I'm not a very good dishwasher. There is always something at the bottom. 😃:D

Thedillpickl Day 1,860, 22:09

Christopher Edwards II
Day 1,860, 22:02
"Puts a different spin on your attempt to revise the vocabulary of the game mechanics, doesn't it?"

Not at all sir. I do not count the AFA as a legitimate party. If you would like to play semantics I could have said the lower 4 of the top 5. But the thing is that even n00bs who understand what is going on can plainly understand what I've said. I don't have to send out fake directions from fake govt. agencies in mass mailings to try to trick our younger players. Maybe Chickensguys could take a clue.

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Day 1,861, 17:04


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