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MPP with Belgium?

Day 1,643, 04:50 Published in USA Czech Republic by Red Duck

According what I have heard USA is quite hesitating about MPP with Belgium.

I see two possible reasons:

1)Belgium had MPP with ONE.
Belgium was in past attacked by France and Netherlands. They tried solve it diplomatically, but when Terra and Eden didnt helped, only way was ask for help ONE countries. This is common pattern for small countries, I remember how man-made was alignment of Egypt or Belarus just because they decided defend and liberate their countries. Self-defence and war of independence doesnt make country ONE or TERRA.

2)Belgium allowed Hungary to take southern Netherlands-
Maybe its because last development, where Belgium made training war with Hungary and it ended in Hungarian invasion of Netherlands. I am of course dissapointed, but its more difficult. Hungarians cheated Belgians with training war, I know some people from Belgium and it was realy not planned. This is not fault of Belgium but dishonesty of Hungarians.

I think that we shall have MPP with Belgium for various reasons:

1)First at all, Belgium is officially neutral country. Neutral countries have it difficult in current bipolar systém. Doesnt matter if you consider neutrality as moral stance or indecision, its foolish to give such country to enemy, especcially in our situation when we need every MU. Current cost for MPP is low and Belgian army is from small countries well organised. Any portion of Belgians fighting for US is better than no portion.

2)Second, Belgium is trustable ally. I remember that Czechs helped Belgium once and they were helping them doesnt matter alliance alignment or propaganda. Belgians respect their friends and do not forget. They are small community but with big heart and spirit, they think more about honor than about usefulness.


BrunoCND Day 1,643, 04:52

Thank you with this nice article,

Let me take away this tear

NLSP Day 1,643, 04:53


Sanic the Hedgehog
Sanic the Hedgehog Day 1,643, 04:56

i agree

mittekemuis Day 1,643, 04:56


MaryamQ Day 1,643, 04:59

Thank you.

MaartenW Day 1,643, 05:05

This is not fault of Belgium but dishonesty of Hungarians. yep this must have consequences from Belgium to Hungary

Don DiegoF
Don DiegoF Day 1,643, 05:11

Thank you + voted.

tommot Day 1,643, 05:13

Thank u, May we continue to call our self trustworthy in the future.

Konrad Neumann
Konrad Neumann Day 1,643, 05:14

Total nonsense. eBE has a long history of fighting against TEDEN be it in Venezuela to France in their invasion of eUK in the advent of The Commonwealth Treaty. If actively blocking in key battles of countries like Brazil, Portugal, France and not NL is what you call a good ally, I think you should change your article.

This is eBE propaganda and nothing more. Even their CP, Mittekemuis makes no apology and is proud and open of her pro-ONE policies and stance.

BrunoCND Day 1,643, 05:24

Venezuela helped us so we helped them. France invaded us without a reason...

We help our true friends without seeing at the alliances

Konrad Neumann
Konrad Neumann Day 1,643, 05:47

[08:27] BrunoCND that's the true belgian mentality: friends before alliances !

Join your friends then, be with ONE. You can always point fingers but you are by default not neutral. Your policies caused France to invade due to your pro-UK stance... Be with your friend and stop complaining about TEDEN.

BrunoCND Day 1,643, 05:49

We have friends in many countries, doesn't care to the alliances!!

Our true friends remain our true friends.

When friends helped us defending our country, we help they defending their own country.

Sammy Tanghe
Sammy Tanghe Day 1,643, 05:52


Kutluk Bilge Kul Ishamael
Kutluk Bilge Kul Ishamael Day 1,643, 07:17


Aldous Zamiatin
Aldous Zamiatin Day 1,643, 07:23

Thank you for the friendly words, eBelgians don't forget those who are kind to them!

Dendraad Day 1,643, 07:53

Thank you for these kind words, eBelgians don't forget those who are friendly to them!

theophyledepatryarkes Day 1,643, 08:29

The article is quite right!
You can also add that we have voted massively in a referendum to keep our neutrality!
Whoever is CP, they must follow the will of the people or they get impeached really fast as we are a strong and well organized community as compared to our size!
Thank you for saying the truth!

Red Duck
Red Duck Day 1,643, 09:55

@Konrad Neumann: I am not Belgian but I know something about Belgian-Venezuelan relations because they were telling us to be not like Venezuelans:D. They were neutral friends before Venezuela chose ONE and were quite unhappy because their choice. But unhappines because friend´s decision isnt reason for ending of friendship. They they are still fighting for Venezuela more supports my words than it negates. BTW when they fighted for Czechs, it was mainly againist Slovaks and Poles.

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