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Motherland dilemma & political changes

Day 1,925, 20:33 Published in Iran Iran by BoilerRoom

It's been 21 days that am living in this world, nd have achieved my 5th TP.
Stick nd bones dnt break my bones, I make believe!

Iran's started to take back it's own motherland from FYROM by resistance wars, besides having Russia as a Natural Enemy, in order to prevent any possible attacks (which they've already faced the consequences)....

As the Congress election's been done, the new members are settling in, and hopefully, we'll become stronger everyday, by pumping in new fighters for the higher divisions (as we're pretty dominant in the 1st division now).

What are your predictions about the future of e-Iran? Let's discuss about it!



ariyumand Day 1,925, 21:03


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