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Moo War update day 4

Day 1,099, 04:08 Published in Ireland Ireland by moomoohead
What happened yesterday
Yesterday we regained the SE. A lot of soldiers did a great job but the last battle was classic. With the war 7-6 James Keiller went up against our friend Thatcher. James put up a mind boggling 172K in damage to Thatchers 107K and got us the victory. I am lost of adjectives to describe it. Great job.

So inventory time where do we stand on our regions. ND is still going strong and has not seen any of the war. We lost Conn for good and Northern Ireland for a while. We have Wales but are going to have to fight like mad if there is a RW there. We have 3 of our 6 original regions, NW, Dublin, & SE. Shannon is safe in the hands of the Canadians and will stay that way in the short term at least. We have a RW to get back cork and after that is successfully will turn our attention to NE. We will get NE back in next two days.

The UK owns 7 regions right for the moment. They have lost 7 original regions, 1 to us, 1 to USA, and 5 to Canada. Three or the seven they do have are under attack and should be lost soon.

What is going on now
Three things happening today. First if you can move please go to cork for the evening and fight for us in RW against America. We are trying to get Cork. It is one of our three key areas and has a lot of citizens in it. This is a small close war. Thanks to Nephworks for paying to start this. This is our top priority tonight.

On a side note, another reason to take this back is the Yanks can not understand John G. accent, lol.

1.Free Cork

Second if you can not move fight against English on American side in SE

2.Kill English in SE

Third if you are a high ranking soldier and you can move see Nith and give a hand to our Bolivian friends fighting to get there last region back.

3.Bolivian Freedom!!!

A lot going on and a lot more to come.


John Gormley
John Gormley Day 1,099, 04:36

Good update moo.

The EPIC Org
The EPIC Org Day 1,099, 04:57

Good man.

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,099, 04:57

Is there gonna be a program for e-senile ex-soldiers living under a revolving flag whilst terminally confused?
If so, let me know.
I'm hiding out in the (currently) American Kerry mountains with my hair in dreads and an army of a thousand feral cats.
(especially as my ebritish employer doesnt seem to have noticed yet.)

castaneda Day 1,099, 05:00

Said it b4 , say it again , Nice Work Boss !!

e-kane Day 1,099, 05:30

I feel the happy spirit returning to the land again. Lets celebrate with Good beer and some nice whiskey! Good work lads.

Nephworks Day 1,099, 05:34

It's because we are fighting constantly e-kane.

James Keiller
James Keiller Day 1,099, 05:47

Thanks Chief.

The Brits are on the run, unleash the feral cats!

supermaghe Day 1,099, 06:11

We are having a lot of fun, lately... A big "THANK YOU" to the ones who are managing our country (and armies) in these difficult days.

seanlynch Day 1,099, 09:58

I'm stuck in a meangie apartment in Mayo in the north wast, send help at once, a rat's in the bath tub, I want to return to my lovely 4 bedroomed house in Shannon!

Sean Power
Sean Power Day 1,099, 10:42


johnmcf Day 1,099, 11:49

that cat is.......

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