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Moo War Update Day 3

Day 1,098, 11:24 Published in Ireland Ireland by moomoohead
What happened yesterday?
We started yesterday with battles in Cork, Shannon, NE, and SE. There is an old Irish saying I like “keep your powder Dry”. Think it started in years of British occupation of our country in real life. It kind of describes yesterday. We did not supply and offered little resistance in these early wars and lost them all convincingly. In fact we got our butts kicked bad in them. We did go on the offense a little and attacked there Money market taking gold off them and dropping the price of GBP. They retaliated attacking our currency and buying all the food off our market. Things were getting a little personal now. When the first 4 wars ended there was the mad dash to hit the attack buttons. They attacked Dublin and the North. We counter attacked the SE and NE. Some will say we were mad for keep on attack them, I would say we will not back down, when you are in a dog fight you fight with everything you got. Dinner time yesterday things started to turn for us. The Canadians came back in the fight attacking the UK mainland and Shannon which the UK held. The Americans came into the war attacking SE England and Cork. The UK was being attacked by three countries and had 8 battles open at once. This was our opportunity; we got a little breathing space. The guns came out and we started to supply troops again. Thanks Ninth, Boris, and CPL for manning the supply lines through the night, great job. We said HELL NO to Dublin and fought that to an 8-0 win, great job everyone. Seal team 6 came over for a pint, and gave us a hand, thanks. ICA fought like crazy to take the North. We were back on the offensive. We ended up going 0-8 in the morning battles to going Dublin 8-0, NI 4-8, NE 5-8, and SE 7-6. Cork was captured by the USA and Shannon by the Canadians.

No update would be complete with out mentioning the status of game bugs. Our MPP with the USA has not kicked in because of a bug. We will be signing a MPP with Canada as soon as the bug passes. Teh admin wrote back "they were aware of problems and working on it". The government also got several generous donations. A great Irish patriot who wants to stay unanimous donated the 100 gold for the Canadian MPP. Thank you on behalf of the Irish people. The reason this is important is because when London does fall it will be a massive battle and the Irish will be there Fighting like mad..

Where we are going
A RW was started in Shannon by the English as a blocing move. Do not fight in it. Shannon will be staying in Canadian hands for the short term.

Our Bolivian friends offered us gold and support, we thank them. I think they see all the war we have had recently and figure a investment in an MPP with us is a good deal right now, lol. We will slowly regain back our regions. We need to get food back on our markets and heel up a bit, it has been a tough couple of days. First regions we will take back will be Cork Tonight. I am going to ask everyone to move to a food company and work at 100% health for the next couple of days to we get our national stocks back up. If you are stuck behind lines stay there a day or two and work at an irish business. The worst seems to be over now is the time we fight back. Thanks to everyone who signed up to do a RW, I will be in contact. Lastly, one of our oldest citizens and top fighters the last couple of days asked me to mention that BAPS is looking for workers. He has put up job openings in the following companies.

BAPS Shax--15 Jobs at 30 IEP
Kings Food Q3-- 10 Jobs at 30 Iep

Shameless plug over I would alos like to thank Dash and others for keeping prices at great levels.

FIGHT IN Cork RW NOW or American in SW.


Mr Ginge
Mr Ginge Day 1,098, 11:51

It's: "Trust in God, but keep your power dry"

It is NOT an Irish saying lol. It's an idiom coined by Cromwell.

Nephworks Day 1,098, 11:52

eIreland o7

moomoohead Day 1,098, 11:53

^^^ lol, got that a little wrong, still a good saying.

orangejuicemmm Day 1,098, 11:55

Also, Attacking the UK MM was an idiotic move IMO, We have no where near their capabilities.

orangejuicemmm Day 1,098, 11:55

Also, Attacking the UK MM was an idiotic move IMO, We have no where near their capabilities.

DashRiprock Day 1,098, 11:56

Good Times!

moomoohead Day 1,098, 11:57

^^^ thanks for advise OJ, always welcomed. speaking of money we could use some of the money you stole. when can we expect it?

seanlynch Day 1,098, 11:58

Great stuff, but do we plan to leave Shannon with Canada?

Kavrocks Day 1,098, 11:59

Have you read Ibhoy's article about Shannon and Cork and Kerry?

John Gormley
John Gormley Day 1,098, 12:01

Good job Mr. President!

Waruda Day 1,098, 12:05

Thanks for the Update we have been rather busy. Our Allies have done wonders for my moral although these bugs occurred.

"Only the dead have seen the end of war." ~Plato

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Day 1,098, 12:30

Nice update moo

e-kane Day 1,098, 13:14

Thanx for the update.

JohnSmith 2K9
JohnSmith 2K9 Day 1,098, 13:50

great work moo 😃

castaneda Day 1,098, 14:14

Nice one boss

James Keiller
James Keiller Day 1,098, 14:31


Ian E Coleman
Ian E Coleman Day 1,098, 14:53

Good work Moo. If nothing else you've satisfied the need for war that our Irish hawks have been starving over.

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