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Moo on player retention

Day 1,535, 18:47 Published in Ireland Ireland by moomoohead

What is Ireland’s biggest problem? The Brits, Libertad sticking up for small countries, Blow ins, old farts running for CP, NO. The biggest problem is we are too small. We have about 200 active members. We need new blood. Tomorrow I am going to talk about a baby boom project. But before we seriously do that we need infrastructure to support new players. I am estimating 1 in 20 new players stick around. We need to improve that. What I am proposing we do is create a new MU called “Irish army boot camp”. Let me explain why. When a new player starts in the game today they get a mission to join a MU. They cannot join a political party for a few days but are forced to join a MU in first day. What I am proposing is we funnel all the new players into one unit. We get a few captains in the divisions that act as mentors to the new players. The mentors send them welcome PM right away, offer food, give them a place to communicate in the forum shouts and answer questions. This is the place the Irish government should be investing funds in MU, we need to plant the seeds for growth today. When they get a week or two old, kick them out and let them join another MU in Ireland.

I was asked if I would continue the program started tonight to fund MU. The question is yes, I think MU are the heart of our country. Social groups and influence in this game used to be based around political parties. Now it is MU. The only change I would make is I would also support the new players to grow the country in the future.

So I hear you saying, great idea but how do we funnel them into this boot camp. We sell it to them through the message that tells about the MU. We also ask other MU to post messages on top of their unit asking new players to join boot camp.

I am going to steel an idea from Digits on this. We would come up with a mission program that sets objectives each day. Things like move to another country on day two and the government gives you 500 foods, Comment on an article on day 3 and we give you 5 guns. Things like that to get then introduced to the different features of the game. We have had state companies in past that new players started in. This is a similar thing. The goal is to increase the retention rate of new players to grow the country.

If elected, I have asked Anthony to lead this imitative. He has been MoD in the past and is his own man with a high integrity. I believe he can get this moving and not make it political. Everyone likes a good title so we will call him GENERL NOOB.



Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,535, 18:58

New players are already welcomed with PM from our MoNC Conway or ILP who doing this, we're sending every new soldiers of Ireland in Irish Army and that new player get same amount of weapon and food as other soldiers so I don't see need to change it...

Tibulus Day 1,535, 19:00

Pretty sweet idea that, with Irelands small number of mu's it will always be on the front page too!

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,535, 19:02

GL Moo !!


Brent Wyrick
Brent Wyrick Day 1,535, 19:05

Conway is leaving 🙁

moomoohead Day 1,535, 19:07


I though vampires were form Romiania not Croatia. It is like 4:30 am where you are from. Get some sleep you fool.

Thanks Tib

Going to come back to Ireland new faustian man, beer and chips for anyone who does

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,535, 19:07

Yes, Conway is leaving and this is big lost for eIreland, but there is no need to form new MU because of it, someone can replace his position..

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,535, 19:08


I'm Irish night guard o/

Croatians never sleep, we're just pretending :DD

Tibulus Day 1,535, 19:13

MUFC lies, I am the only Irish night guard here : P

patton Day 1,535, 19:13


Irasian Day 1,535, 19:15

I am currently the commander of MU. If you can get the person in charge of Labour's Army to part with it as technically it is still theirs or at least that is what I believe. I would be willing to spend gold to change the name of the MU and help set it up as this boot camp you speak of as well as act as a mentor.

Irasian Day 1,535, 19:16

And then give the commander role to who ever was to lead this project.

moomoohead Day 1,535, 19:23

thanks Irasian, if I get elected we will speek. Time for bed for me.

Lexone Day 1,536, 03:29

game is not that attractive until the community sucks you in. it is more about involving everybody than throwing money at them

Skylovaravas Day 1,536, 03:51


John Gormley
John Gormley Day 1,536, 05:37

Excellent idea moo!

castaneda Day 1,536, 05:52

General NOOB , i lold
Moo For Pres !!

irishbhoy1967 Day 1,536, 06:00

Not a bad idea but how do you know that new guys are gonna want to join a boot-camp, most could just join the MU that attracts them the most, and if they are going to stick around, then it's more likely because they have been mixing with the people of ALL e-ages in their MU.

If it is successful though, there is also a chance that this could become a very political position in future. Whoever runs the MU can basically use the position as a recruitment tool for their own MU.

Tbh I'd prefer that you just do the same thing cept ask them to join Irish Army instead of making a new MU for no reason. IA is the official army of the state, and if you want to introduce this idea you can easily do so without creating yet another MU. ICA already has a policy of asking newer people to join IA for at least 2 weeks.

seanlynch Day 1,536, 11:01

I was an ex-MoNC, and it's one of the most difficult jobs. Anthony is one of the most hard woking people in the game, and I know he'd do a great job.

Tibulus Day 1,536, 13:38

The Irish military needs some tiering, you can't dump everyone into one unit without having problems.

Keep the newbs in this training unit until they reach a certain rank, and provide food more-so than weapons to them.

Have a regular Irish Army receiving the usual mix of food and weapons, but get them all in the 1st Regiment so any newbs who join are easily seen and pointed in the right direction.

And maybe an elite unit of Ireland's heaviest hitters if possible.

Anthony Colby
Anthony Colby Day 1,536, 16:09

Kneel before GENERAL NOOB.

Great, now I sound like Kurgan.

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