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MOO on Invasion update day 5

Day 1,100, 01:24 Published in Ireland Ireland by moomoohead

Some days recently we have had more war then we had in months past. Yesterday when I opened the page on the world active battles, Ireland was directly in 4 of the 10 on the first page. We have been doing great and I would like to thank everyone for doing there part. I am going to make this update in more of a bullet forum to make it easier to read. If anyone has any questions, suggestions, or concerns please send me a PM. Because things have been changing hour to hour and my updates seem to be dated in no time, I am going to put a time/ date stamp on them.

...................................................Day 1100 eTime 1:33.......................................................

What went on Yesterday

+We won our RW to get cork back. It was a little harder then it should of been going 8-6. Thanks to Nepworks for all his hard work and paying the cost to start war. A big thanks goes to Boris for organizing people to move there and coordinating things on last couple of battles. Without there help we would not of got Cork back.

+A big congratulations goes out to our Bolivian Brothers who fought back Argentina to take there last region back and have a whole country for the first time in months. We were not able to support them this month as much as past but were there in spirit.

+The USA attack on SE yesterday was a loss. It was just meant to be a “testing” war or drian war. The real push was at Germany. The UK thought this was part of the big invasion push and spent gold early in it.

+We finally got to propose the Canadian MPP yesterday after all the bugs cleared. Thanks again to the unanimous citizen who graciously paid for it.

+Our English Friend Gav Miller opened up a RW in ND last night again. We thank Gav for the free war again. Dan M. Kept an eye on things last night to make sure we did not loose any cheap battles. We are 3-1 currently in that one.

+The UK attacked Wales when they realized the American attack was a drain. They opened up a lead in it but our friends fought a couple of wins for us last night. It is currently 2-3 but will be a tough fight against there MPP's.

+Ireland made a new friend last night. A very cool Greek Exo stopped by and decided to help us liberate the NE. He opened the RW there and started to do 100K per battle in damages. He is going to do a million in damages in all the wars. He won the first several battles single handed but not just won he crushed the English. A very good friend to have. The English CP tried to stop him in the first battle but was no match. Exo is number one or two in the world in damage. This has been an unexpected gift but we need to do our part in this fight too. We will be renaming town after him when we win it back. If you see him on the IRC stop by and say Hi and thanks. Kind of Ironic how in RL the Greeks and Irish are having a bit of money troubles but in this game work together.

+Yesterday I told the Canadians president we will leave Shannon for now and in a few days let our Dail decide what to do with it. We do not need to make a dection now.

+Our old friend GONZO returned for holiday yesterday to help out with his food companies.

+ a lot of TD quite yesterday but that was to move and fight for Ireland. Thank you to them.

What is Coming Today

With no attacks going on against the UK we can expect them to be coming for us again. Our priorities are as listed below.

+if you can not move fight in ND, hold off fighting till end of battle if you can.


+If you can move go to NE through neutral country and fight there. When we win this our country will be whole again except for Shannon.


If the UK wins in Wales we can expect an attack on Dublin again. We said Hell no the last time and are not going to loose this time.

Sorry the updates are a little dry. It seems when there is not much going on they get jazzed up a bit, now it is more like reading the news.

Keep up the good work we are doing great.



castaneda Day 1,100, 02:04


TTi09 Day 1,100, 02:14

Voted o/

supermaghe Day 1,100, 02:57

Stupid stupid people had fought for resistance in North Dakota just to take the medal... and made the resistance win! Turn on your brain guys!

Jster Day 1,100, 03:30

A big thanks to Exohoritis o7

Yddub Emwolb
Yddub Emwolb Day 1,100, 04:07

A big thanks to Exohoritis o7 x2

And thanks to Gav as well


Waruda Day 1,100, 05:19

Fight Smart!

John Gormley
John Gormley Day 1,100, 06:21

o7, good update. Your spelling/grammar/vocab. are still pretty bad but the bullet points make it a lot easier to read. 🙂

Gav Miller is such a nice guy isn't he? Thanks Gav. You're a great friend of Ireland. 🙂

Oh and a céad míle failte to our Greek friend.

Noveras Day 1,100, 07:08

hail eIreland o/

Mr Ginge
Mr Ginge Day 1,100, 08:01

Unanimous citizen? You might want to check that one. : P

e-kane Day 1,100, 08:35

Good concise update

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,100, 10:36

cool , had a good laugh today

Spud Farmer
Spud Farmer Day 1,100, 12:21

wow ye're at war with UK

jamesw Day 1,100, 21:11


Baldrick1 Day 1,101, 06:19

I heard ND was nice this time of year.

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