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Moo on Invasion of Ireland Day 1

Day 1,096, 04:06 Published in Ireland Ireland by moomoohead

It will be an interesting four days. I am going to put articles out daily explaining what went on and what we are doing next. The UK is going to be wiped off the Map shortly and obviously they do not like it. They have decided to attack the weakest chain in the EDEN link to stop it and that is us. The attack on Conn was done to potion them to attack Cork and Shannon. There plan will be to try to wipe us out in next couple of days or slow the advancement down on London. This point in the article is when a couple of people start to jump off bridges, it happens every time at this moment. Looking back in a month though they refer to these moments as the best time they played the game. These invasions have there highs and lows, usually every other day is one.


When the UK attacks us we are up against 12 large MPP, they pay huge money to have them. We have our Croatian friends but we are still out numbered about 100 to 1. We will loose Shannon and cork today no matter how much we do not want it. But there is Hope, we can win these regions back the next day in RW. In a RW it is only us against them, there 12 MPP do not come into it. When they attacked Dublin last two or three times same thing happened. They win initial battle and we take it back next day in RW. One one One we can take them. I will try to do the article the next couple of days what happened last 24 hours and where we are going next. I am busy with all the war stuff so expect my spelling even worse and no pictures.

What happened yesterday

We attacked West Midlands and did surprisingly good to get it to 6-6 but in the end it was over our heads. There were people doing 60K in damage on both sides. Ireland and the UK were becoming minor players in our own war. They won it and in the long run it is actually a good thing. They also attacked Conn and beat us bad taking it. They got it 8-0. For those of who you who do not remember Conn was just a left over region from land swaps to ND. We did not pay rent on it and did not have any companies there. We will probably not take that back because we will be too busy the next couple of days. The Americans said we could have it back though if we get there but that will not happen. The recent distruction in the UK reduced boarder with us. Attacking Conn allowed them to attacked Shannon and cork but not all our regions. We tried to start a RW to block these attacks at about 6AM this morning. We had two people ready but Ia bug that prevented it. The wars not closing properly seems to be the problem, it took our gold and has UK president down as starting a RW? There is a special email for CP to send in problems. Will nitify admin today.

We signed a proposed MPP with the USA last night at a great rate. They will give us fighting outside of our prime time.

Where we are going

Today we will loose cork and Shannon! We will target a few battles to stager their win. It will make it easier on setting up RW. RW can be done by anyone, attacks can only be done by presidents. By staggering them we keep them guessing and on line a lot. We will be handing out supplies in future for fighting just not today.


If you are in cork or Shannon stay there. We will be getting them back soon and we can use you there for taking it back. For the business effected I am sorry but this should be over in 4 days. Follow orders on IRC and attack on our terms not theres. I do not like loosing these regions as much as any one else, BUT seeing the UK wiped out in the end will be priceless. If you want to get a RW medial PM me, you will have to pay about 25 gold of the cost. Do not start any RW unless authorized too.



castaneda Day 1,096, 04:37

Glad for the update , just keep us informed , Informed citizens are less grumpy : )

supermaghe Day 1,096, 04:37

Good to be always well informed, thank you very much. Hope you're saving stocks because we are running out of food on the market...

Dillian nGael
Dillian nGael Day 1,096, 04:42


Dillian nGael
Dillian nGael Day 1,096, 04:43

I AM LEAVING THE GAME, but the reason is not the futile attempt of UK TO WIPES OUT FORM THE MAP, but administrator is messing around in wikipages and is one of the things that I like in the game.

Nephworks Day 1,096, 04:53


irishbhoy1967 Day 1,096, 04:59

Connecticut should have and could have been defended. I advised that the reason UK were attacking Connecticut was to get a border with our home regions but I was not listened to. Our leaders acted arrogantly because they did not see why the UK attacked Connecticut. This was a completely stupid and unnecessary loss for Ireland due to a complete and utter lack of any foresight on the part of our military leaders. Ireland over extended for a country it's size. On top of that we are more a hindrance to the wiping of the UK by attacking or holding WM in the first place. Yet the orders were still to fight there and not Connecticut, the more important of the 2 battles. Add to that there was zero communication with the military men of Canada until it was too late.

Suppose you can all just call me a traitor and a thief though, and blame everything on the ICA. That will make it all ok like it usually does.

MR. PADRAIG PEARSE Day 1,096, 05:03

Ibhoy said this was going to happen if we didnt fight in Connecticut


Joe Hitman
Joe Hitman Day 1,096, 05:04

Awell it was not like you were told we would be invaded from that direction oh wait wait look IrishBhoy had told you


castaneda Day 1,096, 05:15

IBhoy , traitor ,thief ,and Its all the ICA's fault

MR. PADRAIG PEARSE Day 1,096, 05:19

>IBhoy , traitor ,thief ,and Its all the ICA's fault

If OJ wasnt impeached we wouldnt be in this mess

irishbhoy1967 Day 1,096, 05:22

Oh look it's Cas the premature eja.. ahem impeacher

MR. PADRAIG PEARSE Day 1,096, 05:23

lol @ Oh look it's Cas the premature eja.. ahem impeacher

Joe Hitman
Joe Hitman Day 1,096, 05:25

LOL @ Oh look it's Cas the premature eja.. ahem impeacher

John Gormley
John Gormley Day 1,096, 05:29

Woah! I missed so much due to not being online since early yesterday afternoon. I even only just found out the only positive of losing Conn - I FINALLY got a BH!
It looks kinda bad. But really I'm not too worried because the eUK is not really so tough. We have shown in the past that, despite having a much smaller population, that we outfight them so much.

moomoohead Day 1,096, 06:57

^^^ STOP!!! Our country is being invaded right now and all your doing is pointing fingers and arguing. I mean everyone, now is the time to work together. You should all know better and I should not have to remind you of this.

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,096, 07:15


Paschoall Day 1,096, 07:17

sounds like you got it figured out moo ...
I wish I had 25g to get the medal 😞

Tomazim Day 1,096, 07:20

>One one One we can take them







Sean Power
Sean Power Day 1,096, 07:54


TimmyTango Day 1,096, 18:50

UK wiped from the map? Ahem, London. That is all.

King Connell
King Connell Day 1,096, 20:10

Ibhoy for President. Don't listen to the people with personal disputes, Ibhoy is the best Irish and eIrish person to ever play the game. He has Ireland's best interests at heart.

Mr Ginge
Mr Ginge Day 1,097, 10:36

Hunger Strike in UK Companies... yeo!

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