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Moo on Invasion Day 6

Day 1,101, 01:18 Published in Ireland Ireland by moomoohead

Today is thanksgiving and I am what seems like the only person who celebrates it in Ireland in real life. Thanksgiving is a total mystery to real life Irish. They can not understand a holiday where you just eat a meal. Going to make todays updates quick and enjoy the Holiday. Yesterday was not a good day for us, will cover some of the other goings on first though then get to the bad news.

..................................................Day 1,101 eTime 1:38.....................................

What Happened yesterday
+We won a RW to get NE back, or should I state our new friend exo won the war. With his friend Kaycloud that kicked the British out of there. Many thanks. They are both Honorary Irish citizens. This brought all our original regions except Shannon under the Irish flag.

+We lost the UK attack on Wales which we did own. We were not concentrating on this so it was not a big deal.

+A RW was started in Shannon by an Irish citizen. This hurts Ireland bad and never leads to a medial. Any Irish citizen doing this will be expelled from Dail for life. This is that serious.

+We renewed our MPP with our good friends the Croatians. Thanks to them for there generous conditions.

+The UK proposed a peace treaty with us. We had 130 gold in treasury for the Croatian MPP and attack fees, by them proposing for pease it freezes these fees. They are currently voting yes to it now and it will come to our congress tomorrow for a vote. I will update the Dail.

+We lost ND yesterday 7-8. I could try to spin this that it does not matter and maybe it realty does not, but the fact is I did not want to loose it. It is the first battle we lost that I did not want to loose. I am sure anyone that was there in any battle in the last two minutes saw how it happened. I take full responsibility for our loss and apologize to the Irish people, I hate loosing. We did get help last night from some great Irish citizens, two Croatian militias, our new Greek friends, a few Canadians, and the Bosnian army. A big thank you to them and the IDF supply team. But in the end the UK out spent us to win. They spent between 600 to 800 gold tanking at a conservative estimate. We will move on but I will not forget.

What is going on today
No day would be complete without the UK attacking us and the latest target is the SE and Dublin. We stand our ground in Dublin and do not let it fall. Our friends will be there for us.

Good luck to everyone running in congress and please remember to vote today.

Other then that I wish everyone a happy thanksgiving and a big thank you.



irishbhoy1967 Day 1,101, 01:51

Happy Thanksgiving.

Cpl Useless
Cpl Useless Day 1,101, 01:52

Well, really it wasn't the Brits that helped RW ND away. More like :Penix. I'm sure they will take all the credit though...

irishbhoy1967 Day 1,101, 01:53

Was the Brits who funded it Cpl

supermaghe Day 1,101, 01:56

Thanks for the update, ND loss hurts. In the first lost battles, someone fought for resistance just to take the medal. That was really really stupid, as we can see today looking at the map...

Noveras Day 1,101, 01:57

Happy Thanks Giving.

Well we did give them a good fight in ND.We manage to make a come back from an almost crushing defeat.We should be proud of that and thanks to all our friends that help \o/

James Keiller
James Keiller Day 1,101, 02:11

Happy Thanksgiving, Moo.

tiro_bsc Day 1,101, 02:14

allways on your side...the bosnian army...hail ireland

eAdnan Day 1,101, 02:26

Vote O7

Arrlo Day 1,101, 02:30

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates.

Good fights Ireland.

exohoritis Day 1,101, 02:31

So terribly sorry for North Dacota. Negotiate immediately with Canada on Saskatchewan, I think they will do a good price. Get more MPP's. Especialy Romania and USA. See you in Dublin.

John Gormley
John Gormley Day 1,101, 02:43

Happy Thanksgiving, whatever that is... 🙂

supermaghe Day 1,101, 03:07

Dublin under attack.

metalmicky999 Day 1,101, 04:17

UK can into Dublin 🙂

ND was fun yesterday guys, closely fought and fun.

Starac Day 1,101, 04:33

allways on your side...the bosnian army...hail ireland

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,101, 04:36

The field in ND was like a rollcall of oldschool tank heroes, Wales was a painful affair for a wide-open door, though we had some "interesting" characters fight Irl-side too, didn't we? (wave to GLaDOS, amongst others)
There's loads more going on here than meets the eye of the dogs on the streets, the stink of intrigue was pungent. Wow, it just sucks when your country is a tiny wedge between two superpowers, doesn't it? And I hadn't realised just how much solos are still blinded by BH medalglinting in front of a big audience, when they coulda just as easy picked up one cheap as chips in Germany somewhere 😛!
/continues rambling on and crossing names off the Santy-list, hahaha
Happy Thanksgiving Moo, hope you enjoy the day with your loved ones...oh yeah...I'm all for celebrating food 🙂

Dylanb9216 Day 1,101, 06:11


Waruda Day 1,101, 06:44

We lost the battle but not the war...

Happy Thanksgiving.

castaneda Day 1,101, 07:20

Was a pain to get bumped outta ND and lose congress run ~BUT it was fun while it lasted .
Now for more fun

Stark Hater
Stark Hater Day 1,101, 08:41

They can not understand a holiday where you just eat a meal.

Easter for a lot of us

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Day 1,101, 09:15


seanlynch Day 1,101, 09:54

We fought valiantly in USA, but it was so close!

hello*-*kitty Day 1,102, 11:16


The EPIC Org
The EPIC Org Day 1,102, 17:29

Thanksgiving = best holiday evar.

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