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Money, Greed, the Price of Loyalty

Day 1,943, 10:51 Published in Croatia Serbia by Arrlo

For a long time now EDEN has been losing the fight against the unholy mega alliance between CoT and TWO. Perhaps this is an oversimplification, because no amount of damage they can arrange against us can break what EDEN is supposed to be, so I should say that we are losing most battles to them around the globe. It's not surprising given the shifts in damage from our side to against us, and I can accept the charge of "reap what you sow". Losing to superior firepower does not dishearten me. And yet there is still a feeling of unease among even the most faithful of us: not because we are losing battles, but more that we are feeling the effects of the general rot of the game. EDEN is the oldest alliance, and since we are only human it’s natural that we begin to take certain things for granted, and that we pick up and are perhaps too tolerant of bad habits. One such bad habit is buying damage.

A malnourished tree

Radix Malory est cupidity

In the past I've had several arguments with Lazokrats. I could never (and will never) understand the way they play the game, with no allegiance to any country or alliance. Not only did they fight where they were paid to, but they were totally unapologetic about the mercenary nature of their style of gameplay. No appeal to principle had the slightest effect on the ones I spoke to, to the point where I began refusing any friend requests from them, and avoided interaction with them because there was no way we would ever see eye to eye. I don’t enjoy arguing for the sake of it, and they choose to play that way, so that is that. 🙂

The one positive thing I could say about them is that they know who they are. They play the game their way and they do not pretend to be anything except a rootless mercenary unit.

Unfortunately, following the trend I mentioned earlier of general decay in the game, EDEN and other alliances have resorted to paying people to fight for them. This is beyond merely supplying people to fight for you. In the economic climate of the game, it is probably impossible for a newer player to make anything like enough money to be able to feed and arm himself, so giving enough weapons and food to cover their fights for you is ok. Not ideal, but ok.

But some time ago the concept of mercenaries became increasingly popular, with several new organisations flourishing with the operating model of arranging payments from countries to players based on the damage they inflict. They demanded not just weapons and food to equip their members, which would be within the remit of any normal Military Unit, but payment for the sum total of the damage they would do. In this sense, the Lazokrats have it right. They have no friends, they have no allies; they have no sense of duty to anyone or anything. But then there exists another kind of mercenary unit, ones which claim allegiance to an alliance.

You're doing it wrong if you can look at this without feeling furious

This strikes me as cynical, greedy, and indicative of the total breakdown of any feeling of comradeship within an alliance. What player can claim to feel any kind of loyalty to a friend, whilst demanding payment for the help he or she gives? In this context you can no longer use the terms "help" or "friend". What was previously helping has thus been reduced to a mere business transaction, and what were previously known as friends are now nothing more than service providers and customers. What deluded, hypocritical eRepublikan dares to hold his friend to ransom by withholding fights until payment has been received, while insisting he or she is anything more than a damage pr*stitute?

Furthermore a certain mercenary group's commanders have recently decided to award themselves a salary drawn from a 10% cut of the group's received payments.

Suggested uniforms for the "mercenary" and their "commander"

And now compare that to the people who sit in national supplying channels for hours on end, giving out weapons without asking for anything, often getting no thanks or recognition themselves. The thought of any of them asking for cash is risible, and makes the money grubbing mercenary groups look even more disgraceful.

Well cut it out. Almost everyone old enough whines that this game has changed for the worse, and maybe it has. Everyone agrees in particular that EDEN is not what it was. But what part have you played in the decay of the game, and the alliance? Do you think about how much you can get paid instead of how can I help my ally? It is not enough to only sell yourself to one side. There are plenty of military units in the world which provide generous supplies, and flourishing communities where you don't have a price tag on your potential damage. There is no excuse for becoming a mercenary if you have any loyalty to anything in the game, and I'm afraid many older players - many of them friends - have let themselves be degraded to nothing more than wandering tramps who don't give a **** about anything except money. I don't want anything to do with you if you continue to sell yourself. People have the right to play the game how they like within the rules, but don't ever kid yourself that you're anything other than unprincipled, unaligned, and a big part of the problem with our alliance and the game.

By no means are mercenary units the only problem our alliance faces, but they are a particularly ugly symptom of a much deeper moral apathy among our members. DON'T buy any damage from mercenary groups, and see how long whatever loyalty they think they have to us lasts.

"Every man has his price", and the price for your damage should be mutual commitment. You fight in my battles, because you know I will fight like Hell in yours.

Always hoping,




Shyneins Day 1,943, 10:52


Ivan je Car 1950
Ivan je Car 1950 Day 1,943, 10:55


BNK RIMTUTITUKI Day 1,943, 10:56

Does TWO or CoT have MU like FM ?
For sure they pay for DMG but do they have MU like FM ?

Gvozden00 Day 1,943, 11:17

if EDEN buys dmg from FM, CoTWO buys damage from Lazokrats.

BNK RIMTUTITUKI Day 1,943, 11:20

I know...
But what is different between Lazokrats and FM ?
FM fight only for EDEN or for monay ?

delete this
delete this Day 1,943, 11:24

they planned to start a MU, i dont know if they did.

rubno Day 1,943, 10:56

Bad politics.

Do not blame it on the players, organize a structure when they can prosper, and they will stop selling damage.

Arrlo Day 1,943, 10:58

You mean military units where they can receive supplies? Justify it however you like, you sell your damage and don't care about anything else.

rubno Day 1,943, 11:25

Care for whatever you like.
I just repeat - don't blame it on the players, what should we do - Let us Eat Cakes?
Not everybody has access to state org or other means of funding their accounts.

Arrlo Day 1,943, 11:26

Military units which are funded by government or self sufficient.

rubno Day 1,943, 11:31

Yeah, I've been member for 2+ years, 5 - 7 weps per day, sometimes not even that. You cannot expect (to paraphrase frutek666) players to be poor & happy forever, especially when game changed and it is difficult to cover daily needs alone.
Do not blame it on players - blame it on administrators.

Romper Day 1,943, 11:34

It is not normal that all players fight with Q7 for free... and that people biatch about economy module at the same time.

invaluable Day 1,943, 11:55

Agreed with Romper on that one. People do bitch a lot about the economy module, but just take a look at the BHs right now, they're around 8 or 9 million damage per bh and that isn't normal for players who claim to be "poor", cause of the economic module, you know.

Alexander of Babylon
Alexander of Babylon Day 1,943, 16:49

zato sam ja stavljao u opticaj q1 weap. i one koji su tvrdili lazno da su siromasni ja sam kaznjavao siromastvom

tasos maximous
tasos maximous Day 1,943, 12:52

I hate to say that but i agree with invaluable...

M Bogdan
M Bogdan Day 1,943, 10:57


loordsteaua Day 1,943, 12:58


streetvoice Day 1,943, 14:13


Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 1,943, 11:00

if players were able to make money from their companies it use to be.... a lot less mercenaries will be around, but anyway it is sad i think .... but who is really guilty of mechanics of this game?

Arrlo Day 1,943, 11:08

What do people need to sell damage for if they can receive supplies from Military Units?

Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 1,943, 11:15

all military units aren't able to give weaps or food sometimes both Arrlo , for exemple in eCyprus, mostly 5 old players ... et's say 5 to 10 are supplying whole damages mercenaries as we are maybe 30/40 active players only. It's usual for us to feed and give weaps on our personal stock and there is quite not anymore "national companies" and org. to do it .... i did it for long on my own company to allow people to get their free weapons and i gave up, too much work. i regret so much old org where prez and country administration was able to administrate something for real

Romper Day 1,943, 11:33

And you wonder why economy isn't working? The basic error is to think that all should have Q7 wep company and free fighting. That is killing economy. I used Q5 wep in v1 for the first time after 7 months in the game... now 1 day old account has to fire with Q7 for free???

Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 1,943, 12:00

was my case too Romper, remember i'm from beta too .... i remember a french player once made a FF calculation to optimise FF/money, and was great but i agree on your point.... in our time, having q5 weaps after more than 6 month playing was like graal ^^

Ice Killa
Ice Killa Day 1,943, 12:17

To sum it up, equality is wrong in this game and that is what is killing the economics. If a logical economic system is implemented back in the game so will certain currently disregarded things gain importance. Romper gives a lovely example of how valued Q5 weapons once were.

dady12 Day 1,943, 11:00


Zdlemmy Day 1,943, 11:00

Nice article (:

P0L0.L Day 1,943, 11:01


tasos maximous
tasos maximous Day 1,943, 11:01

Can't agree more...

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,943, 11:01

On all sides there are people who play with honour and respect. But it's becoming a smaller family as alliances and politics become the means to an end.

kushtrimzz Day 1,943, 11:02


Snooop Lion
Snooop Lion Day 1,943, 16:34

u remember me Lazo ? 😛 hahahhahha xP

john_rambo Day 1,943, 11:05

Thatcher has spoken!

and SHE speaks wise o7

FrutekXXX Day 1,943, 11:08

big vote!

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Day 1,943, 11:09

At last someone who takes Lazokrats for what they are: pr*stitutes. VS

Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 1,943, 11:16

do u really think Lazo are the only mercenaries all around the eWorld? 😁 at least they never hide they were (if sometimes it hurts me personnaly for some reasons ^^ )

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Day 1,943, 11:21

They are the most unashamed, and considering the total amount of money they took from eTR throughout the past years (they used National Bank of Turkey as their own organization for years). It's not like they are just mercenaries. They are mercenaries with an infra that belongs to other people.

Yet if you want to be devil's (or in this case, pr*stitute's) advocate, have fun.

Stolch Day 1,943, 11:40

problem with lazocheats is exactly that, they're cheaters as ell as mercs.

If people have forgotten, hile the admins did reduce their strength, they had already made over 10K gold from their exploitation of the game and this as the one they got caught.....

So they will always be the loest of scums in this game.

The other thing they like to do is try virtual racketeering, offer to sell you their damage, but if you refuse they tell you they ill fight for free on the other side.

Anyway, this game is set up to reward and value hate, chauvinism, hypocrisy and scum bag trolls, so it is not a surprise that fe decent players remain active or engaged for too long, most don't last and even more just quit the game altogether.

JyM23 Day 1,944, 10:01

Stoich, your "w" is sticky, what have you been doing in front of your laptop?

Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 1,943, 11:26

did u read all the comment i made?? ............ they never hide they were (if sometimes it hurts me personnaly for some reasons ^^ ) never said i was agreeing on it for whole and becuz i've my own integrity, even Lazo i refused myself to hit against some countries and wasn't taking supplies from them except when it was to hit for eTurkey and when i was broken .... so now ofc they chose their side and al i was saying was that they weren't alone in this case. 😁
hey? u ? keep smiling please 😉)

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Day 1,943, 11:34

Then we agree. Yet given that they acted as if they were the boss of eTR for years, their merc work is the most disgusting of all. And it isn't like they don't cheat for money, so they can't be that broke. My guess is some of the leaders are selling eRep currency for RL money.

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Day 1,943, 11:35

Oh, I forgot to smile : )

Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 1,943, 11:38

i never said they weren't too .... but i know a lot of others doing same and believe me on every side .... this is how the game is made btw, dirty i agree but guilty ones really are admins to my mind. and thanks for the smile ^^

Stolch Day 1,943, 12:19

@Kemal that is their business, there are others whose business it is too, those are the people who are behind all the hate propaganda in the game, because they profit (literarily from it). Make multies, start hate ars, make dumb idiots by gold and then sell them your multy gold or merc gold for RL money.

The admins tolerate it, because they get a cut from it in the form of the occasional gold pack so they don't ban them and because much of the black market gold they would not otherwise sell at all.

Of course you have the rompers who should be paying cause they're too dumb to realize it. One should always pay for his stupidity.

alzena Day 1,943, 11:10

says that the one that until yesterday took a tones of money, right john_rambo ? : )

bezicni Day 1,943, 11:10

vote : )

Touche Awaay
Touche Awaay Day 1,943, 11:12

its hard to be good eden soldier, and fight always on eden prios, if you dont sell dmg few times, alternativity is to make bots and cheat Day 1,943, 11:13


RomyGr Day 1,943, 11:14

I think 1 inci member takes 1000 lazokrat members

cCc inci was best group in this game cCc

united we sikert, divided we fall

Sime999 Day 1,943, 11:14


Admiral  PAC
Admiral PAC Day 1,943, 11:19


you are missing some point.

In past, we had chance to build our economical empire, and earn money for training. Now we dont have it.How do you expect people to upgrade their training centers? Game brought us to this point whether you accept it or not.

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