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Day 1,866, 06:16 Published in Australia Australia by Arcaian

Since I have started playing eRepublik in 2008, a lot of things have changed. Sadly, I haven't been here to wtiness most of these changed - I played in 2008, I played for a 6 months or so, on this account. I forgot the password later, so I played for a while in 2009 in eSA on another account.

Things have changed now. I have 2 main questions about what has changed. The first is about variety. When I played there were defence systems, hospitals and homes that are currently available for purchase, but are no longer used. There is only 1 hospital available for purchase in eAus. None of them are used anymore, if they're still in the game.

First question:
Are hospitals, defence systems and homes still in the game? If they are, why aren't they used?

A cat for Binda:

My second question is about employment. When I first played ,you had a job skill - if you worked a lot, you were more productive. Is something similar still in the game? As far as I know it's changed.

My last question - this is my first article, anything I should change about my writing? Thanks for reading guys!



Arcaian Day 1,866, 06:16

Thanks guys, any help is appreciated 🙂

infin Day 1,866, 07:27

The issues in both your first and second question have no relevance in the game any more. In relation to 1. hospitals and houses do still exist but have limited use because of the large amounts of health players can recover now and the removal of the cap on gold/health packs. In relation to 2. this aspect to the work productivity has been removed so that a noob contributes same productivity as an older player.

Good to see you back, mate.

EtzeL the Hun
EtzeL the Hun Day 1,866, 07:36


Arcaian Day 1,866, 07:47

Thanks for the reply Infin - I figured they had no relevance, as they're no longer discussed and no-one sells them anymore. The health has changed a lot, you can recover so much more. A little odd, but I'll get used to it!

Do you know the reason behind the change? It seems like it just removes a layer of community co-operation and strategy... a bit odd!

As to the productivity, that again seems like it removed a layer of depth, and it also encourages multiaccounters... if I can just make a level 1 with the same productivity as a level 30, I can just spam accounts... not that I would do that, just seems odd. Wonder why they've made the whole system so much more simple?

BOUD1CCA Day 1,866, 08:03

just from hearing things, I suspect the game has been dumbed down a bit - one would think the opposite should apply.
So sadly I don't know about eRep in the rare old times.

well written article, v & S

Arcaian Day 1,866, 08:21

Thanks Louise! 🙂

Yeah, it certainly was different. A really organised defence would have a high-tier hospital and defence system in the state, so the soldiers could heal massive amounts without waiting (you can recover much more health nowadays). There was an actualy graphical display for the combat - as you fought, you moved closer to the city. That was cool.

And just remembering now, there were also gifts. They were made from diamonds, which led to a real interesting problem for eSA - the diamond mines were so productive and good in eSA, everyone wanted our gifts. and so we exported a lot of them. And we made no food, because the food compaines couldn't afford to pay the wages the diamond companies could, so the country was slowly starving. The communist party was voted in, and formed massive comglomerates, and finally food was made again. It was really interesting, I wonder why they took it out...

ronnyJnrJnr Day 1,866, 08:40

yep... welcome to this pile of shit "they" still consider (a) strategy and ( a good game...the only skills you need in this game now are knowing yours or someone else's credit card details to buy gold, purchase gold or acquire gold...

Arthur the Elitist Cole
Arthur the Elitist Cole Day 1,866, 09:10

"Dumbed" down is one hell of an understatement xD

Arcaian Day 1,866, 09:11

Yeah, it really is very dumbed down. That is my rather lengthy guide I just wrote on your first gold investment, proving it is possible to have decisions in the game at least 😛

Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Day 1,866, 14:19

Great article and questions - helpful for learning.

Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Day 1,866, 21:35

They finally made the best version known as V2 ...

But it seems that people here hated complexity so they quickly got rid of it 😛:P

Arcaian Day 1,866, 22:06

I seem to have missed that commment, sorry Henry... yeah, people tend to do that. Complain about something till they get it, then realise they don't want it. That and complexity seems to sell less....

kuckuck Day 1,867, 00:18

Yes, v2 was more about making your character a specialist and deep thinking in the time management, than about rockets and bars, that is what is now about

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