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MoMC - DQ-10 Day - 1919

Day 1,919, 20:57 Published in India India by SpaceMonkey.11

Hi Friends,

I think, My last DQ contains much difficult questions. The participants also very less.
This time i make it extremely very easy questions. Hope this time participants should be more.

1. "From Bangalore to Buffalo" is the statement given by?
2. The well-known book " The Argumentative Indian" is written by?
3. "Get More out of Now" is slogan of?

Message me your ans with article title before 1923 12:00PM

Vote, Subscribe & Shout to make is big.



sujitha87 Day 1,919, 21:51

Send answer to u \o/

Ramanan Viswa
Ramanan Viswa Day 1,920, 04:21


Nagaraj Suraj
Nagaraj Suraj Day 1,920, 07:58


Lord Turin
Lord Turin Day 1,922, 23:46

Yupppp!!!!! Sent....

MIXEY85 Day 2,901, 15:09


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