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MoD orders (Day 2,037)

Day 2,037, 05:21 Published in Japan Japan by Shadowmaniac

Priority 1: Balchostan for Indonesia Supply @ #lograk

Priority 2: Cuyo for Chile

Priority 3: Mobile 1: Louisiana for USA

Do not fight if the wall is higher than 55%, save your energy for later.

Please follow these newspaper because they will be updated today for new battles.


Shadowmaniac vMoD



Tzu Liang
Tzu Liang Day 2,037, 20:27

      ///   /_/::::   
      |:⊂ヽノ|:: /」
    / ̄ ̄旦 ̄ ̄ ̄/|
  /______/ | |

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