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Mister ePhilippines - Registration

Day 1,807, 00:59 Published in Philippines Philippines by Vincenzo Roque

"After several female meetings, they have decided to make a Mister eRepublik contest, in which all handsome guys will show themselves in front of ladies… (and in front of public in general) for our delight… we believe we deserve this!

To make it more dynamic, every country will have to make a mini pre-eliminatory contest, in which their representative will be chosen (yes, one representative per Country)

A Female jury will choose Mister eRepublik, the handsomest eR guy. Winner will be awarded with a humble prize, that may vary depending on the generous donations we recieve from the public."


As you can read above, a new pageant will be held for us handsome guys. 🙂

In that pageant, each country has to choose a representative. To select the ePhilippine representative, we will be holding a contest, where the winner will also be crowned Mister ePhilippines.

To join, you just need to send kadayao the link to at least 2 real life photos on or before November 10. (Hunky pics is a must!)

Afterwards, an article will be published with all the photos of the contestants for the people to vote on who will be Mister Philippines. The poll will end on November 14.

When the candidate has been chosen, we will send his name and pictures to the International jury for them to judge him along with the other nation's representatives.

Good luck!

Some pinoy hunks as requested by kadayao:

Aljur Abrenica

Sam Milby

Dennis Trillo

Christian Bautista

Gerald Anderson

Written in behalf of:
Minister of Internal Affairs


Marie von Gablitz
Marie von Gablitz Day 1,807, 07:21

Can I send a application for Slothen ?????

Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Day 1,807, 08:23

As long as he'll not be angry, go! : D

kadayao Day 1,807, 08:43

LOL! You really had to mention me...Hahaha >_<

Good Job Vincenzo! *thumbs up*

kmm225 Day 1,807, 17:22

He, he, kadayao for precident of ePhilippines 🙂

Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up Day 1,807, 23:10

kadayao for President of ePhilippines +1

kadayao Day 1,808, 00:11

^LOL's at sinirbaba, kmm225 and Boy Pick Up : D

Slothen Day 1,808, 03:47

This is not looking good for me. But go ahead Marie.

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