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Miss eNorway! Let us show the world how beautiful nordic women are!

Day 1,916, 06:48 Published in Norway Norway by Vileskont

Dear countryman and especially country women 😛,

It is your President writing! I would like today to announce my intention to get eNorway participate! I think we should do this for many reasons the most important of whom is FUN! Of course there is also a sense of national pride that kicks in! I am sure we can do pretty damn well, if you excuse me for the language.

So let me explain to you what the rules of the "national level" are (as kindly explained to my by no other but the actual organizer of the event Mr. NoOnexRO):

From now until the 26th of February (including) we will gather participants (come on Women of eNorway). During this period they will submit their applications with a number of photos (anything between one and 10000 photos). The only condition is that one of the photos has to be with the lady holding a piece of paper where she has written her eRepublik nick in hand. The photos has to be of course real and not edited via Photoshop or similar applications (sorry taulen 🙁) 😃.

eNorway will then vote on the winner on 27th and 28th of February. And the winner will represent us on the Miss eRepublik tournament!!!! This is about it with the rules!

As for the prices: Because nobody volunteered to do this article and to organize the event nationally, it was me Mr. President who is doing it 😃 However due to the recent heavy fightings for eNorwegian freedom I am quite poor at the moment. However though I will offer all my personal belongings as prices and anybody who wishes to add up to these prices is more than welcome to do so! So here they are the prices:

for the 1st Place: 10 Gold and 100 Q7 Weapons
for the 2nd Place: 5 Gold and 100 Q7 Weapons
for the 3rd Place: 100 Q7 Weapons

And there will be 10 Q 7 Weapons for EVERY participant (woman) 🙂 SO what are you waiting for ladies! Let us win this!!!!

(El Presidente 😃)

P.S. Submit your applications either here or send me PM with them. All they will be used only for the purposes of the competition, I promise 😃

P.S. 1 Anyone who wants to contribute towards the prices, please sned me your donations and I will include you in the sponsors list so that everyone knows that you like girls 😃



Johnnie Rebel
Johnnie Rebel Day 1,916, 08:04

Bring on the pretty ladies!

Indigodavo95 Day 1,916, 08:29

Where are all the pretty girls?!?!

Che Kukaken
Che Kukaken Day 1,916, 08:43

I dont think we got many girls in eNorway. If nobody applies i guess we have to crossdress Tommy.🙂

Kristoph Woldskji
Kristoph Woldskji Day 1,916, 12:56

To be honest, the only RL female player that I've known of in eNorway have been dixib, but she's croatian so that might be cheating...

Other than that, then I'd probably nominate Bente;
But if *he actually is female is hard to say, as *he's two-clicker and I've heard a word from her/him.

Vileskont Day 1,916, 13:01

dixib qualifies because it only has to be a lady with eNorwegian citizenship 😛

Vileskont Day 1,916, 13:01

Kristoph can you approach them bot and poke them to participate!

Per Jostein
Per Jostein Day 1,916, 13:58

Lombaxine is also a girl

Vileskont Day 1,916, 14:16

Well, lets contact them and hopefully get some participation! I want eNorway to be represented on this 🙂

Kaname Darkwind
Kaname Darkwind Day 1,916, 20:10

Well considering our population only numbers in the couple hundred, and only 10% of us are active enough where we'll even see this article, chances are that we'll only have 5 people max participating.


Divonex Day 1,916, 22:49

With some duct tape and make-up I could totally win this.

Bente Day 1,917, 08:06

The girl in my profile picture is me 😛 So, don't have to do anything else than send a pic or two holding a paper with my name? No bikini contest I hope 😛

Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,936, 10:02

Congrats for partecipate, really nice pics, you're so dark!

Lombaxine Day 1,917, 10:15

That's right Bente! Just take a picture or two with you holding your name.... please participate, so I don't have to 🙂

Lombaxine Day 1,917, 10:17

Comment deleted

Bente Day 1,917, 11:17

Haha, why won't you do it?

Lombaxine Day 1,917, 13:05

Well, ehm... I think you need to be somewhat pretty to participate... I could have shared my whole life story with you right now, but the short version is that I have a damaged right eye.... hehe 🙂

Vileskont Day 1,917, 14:42

Lombaxine, there is something beautiful in each and everyone of us (even me ). Beauty is so subjective! I would be glad if you participate

evilchriss Day 1,917, 13:52

Ohhh sexy lady! Woop! woop! woop! Erepublik style! FTW xD

Vileskont Day 1,917, 14:41

Lombaxine, there is something beautiful in each and everyone of us (even me 😛). Beauty is so subjective! I would be glad if you participate 🙂

Petsku Day 1,917, 17:31

Go Nordic countries! o/

Bente Day 1,917, 22:05

I don't doubt that you're pretty 🙂 But not gonna try and convince you to participate. I'm not sure though, don't know what I feel about sending pictures of myself to someone I don't know at all 😛 Hmm, okay with just webcam pictures? 😛

Che Kukaken
Che Kukaken Day 1,918, 01:08

I Guess any picture will do just fine Bente. But only if you girls want to join the competition. No pressure.

fredrikz Day 1,918, 01:39

Glad I am not a girl. No way I would post my pic to ha bunch of hungry and horny erepublik players:P

Vileskont Day 1,918, 03:44

Any photo with the before mentioned eRepublik note will do! And one more remark- what do you mean by " someone I don't know at all"- hey, I am Vileskont (El Presidente),everybody knows me (and loves me- right?!). There is nothing to be worried about 🙂

Bente Day 1,919, 11:47

Haha, but but I don't know you 😛 For all i know, you can be a 60 year old pig just wanting some pics for yourself 😛 But okey, I'll think about it. Will send you a pic this weekend if I decide to join 🙂 Could be fun, and hopefully a self-esteem boost 😛 🙂

akcadag45 Day 1,932, 01:31

For all i know, you can be a 60 year old pig just wanting some pics for yourself 😃 😃 😃

Bente Day 1,932, 06:25

Comment deleted

Bente Day 1,932, 06:26

I tried to reply with a smiley face, but it just disappeared 😛

akcadag45 Day 1,932, 06:48

lol i added smile face too but i cant see now so here you are Bente : D

Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,941, 09:30

Awww. You deserved the first place.

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