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Day 1,635, 00:30 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irasian

This article is to help citizens with some of the dangers of erepublik and possible ways to avoid them as well as examples of these things that have happened to me personally.

Account Hacking

Beware of website links, some of them may have ways of hacking your account. Check the url of the website before trying to login to erepublik as there are some people who create websites to get your account name and password.

If your account gets hacked there is no need to quit the game. Just report what has happened to your account and the administrators of the game will do their best to help you.

I have been hacked once all my companies were dissolved into gold and then all my currency and gold was taken. I sent a ticket to the admins and they gave me back all my companies, currency and gold within 3-4 days.

You can send a ticket to the admins by clicking on the contact button at the bottom of your homepage as shown in the image below

Don’t worry, be happy

This is just a game, take everything people say with a large pinch of sugar/salt or however that saying goes.
The point of this game is for the share holders to earn money for players to have fun. If someone says something really offensive to you just ignore them they could be trying to provoke a reaction from you, in other words trolling.

I was once trolled by a new citizen not long after joining this game. He accused me of treating him like a child and said he was going to report me for being offensive and things like that. I did what any kind hearted citizen would do and tried to apologise to him and so he just trolled me more.
I should have just ignored him and carried on gaming instead of prolonging the torment. It was probably one of the times I seriously thought about quitting.

URL links

As mentioned before, be careful of what links you decide to click on.

I was on the IRC in the channel #irisharmy and there was this chap named Padraig. I curiously clicked on one of his links and I don’t think I will ever forget what I saw...
There were 3 nude old men in a shower and the f**king browser kept jumping over my monitor so I had to close it the hard way using task manager. It still haunts me to this day...


The admin will never ask you for your email or password so if someone asks for it don’t give it to them unless you really want to that is but you could get banned for more than one person using the same account.

If someone offers you a deal too good to be true, it probably is.

When I was young and foolish some new citizen I was helping said a mate of his was quitting the game and leaving his mate the account. He said he would split the gold with me if I gave him 2 gold so I did and he kept it for himself. I never saw any gold coming from him after that. I pm’ed him and said he scammed me etc.

I am sure if you wanted to know some names of scammers Viktor Kurgan would be happy to assist you with that.

Article writing

Before posting your article, copy and paste it into something else like notepad or a word document as erepublik loves to log you out just as soon as you have finished writing it.

I just finished writing an article called “Miscellaneous tips” for new players and clicked publish and the blasted game logged me out taking out about 30 minutes of work in under 2 seconds and so I had to write it out again from scratch.

Staying active

Staying interested in this game can be a bit hard if you are only working, training and fighting every day. The thing that really makes erepublik stand out is the thriving community beneath the games surface. It can be daunting at first to break the surface and actually get into the game but the rewards greatly surpass the effort required.

The IRC is probably one of the main sources of communication. It can be a “scary” if you don’t know how to use it. There is an irc tutorial in one of my past articles if interested.

Forums tend to be a good way to communicate too but people seem to have lost interest in the eIrish ones probably since we went through about 3 of them in the period of a year.

Military units tend to be a good support especially if you join one with the same values as yourself and people who are active and fun to talk to but beware of trolls.

By asking to join one of the Ministries can be an important step in your career if your ultimate goal is to be CP. By becoming an Ambassador to other countries it is possible to make overseas contacts is invaluable. It can be great fun and also occasionally learning to speak can be an interesting experience.

Let’s see an unfortunate experience that has happened to me as an ambassador. I was once the ambassador to all the Spanish speaking countries as we were running really short on ambassadors. I sent a personal message to the cp of Brazil at the time all in Spanish, I had forgot that in Brazil that Spanish is not a primary language. I was kicking myself for days after that.

I will add to this if I can think of more things that have happened to me.

Commander of eIrish Boot Camp

Also my apologies to MrConwayTwitty if I am encroaching on his territory as he is the Minister of New Citizens. I am only trying to look out for my recruits.
As you ICA people are so big about family and how you should all stick together and how you should look out of for each other as you like to think as yourself as a great big family.
My family are the new citizens of Ireland even if they don’t know it. That is why I try to look out for them.

*Note to self*



Lonqu Day 1,635, 00:38


Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,635, 00:39

Great article Irasian, brings back painful memories...........

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,635, 03:34

Scammers..the lowest form of life and humans who protect them even give them ministry positions are retarted traitors.

druidsland Day 1,635, 03:35


Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,635, 03:55

And Commander Kurgan is the only one who managed to plunder a well known scammer on the field of the battle by taking his BH medal and "his" 5 golds....

I enjoyed those golds but BH medal will always remind me of that glorius day....

oglia.dendroglia Day 1,635, 04:36

nice article, and yes, boot camp should be a nice, warm and cozy place \o/

Eagna Day 1,635, 06:28

*Boot Camp is a nice, warm and cozy place

Yddub Emwolb
Yddub Emwolb Day 1,635, 10:04

Viktor, what has poor Dan Breen ever done to you?

Oh, yeah. Never mind....

Ethel Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg Day 1,635, 10:41

\o/ Great article

haughenator Day 1,635, 11:20

Hahaha Padraig lemon partied you, hard.

Celticy Day 1,636, 13:04

Tnkx for the tips

The Death of Rats
The Death of Rats Day 1,637, 23:32

Sound advice as usual.

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,638, 17:19

Dan has never done anything but help people.

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