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Day 4,373, 03:50 Published in Ireland Ireland by MERHABALAR AQ
As you know, Anniversary and Black friday events are approaching. Therefore, there will be changes in the game. Many opportunities await you.
First of all, Plato will give us 1200 hp and 120 hp of recovery, in this case, all of the foods prices will rise. Therefore, everyone has to make stock. You can sell surplus of foods. But don't forget to make stock enough for yourself.
Second, Plato will give us a lot of bombs and stingers. Number of them depends on some things. For example your number of daily tasks completed in the past 111 days etc. Please don't rush to use the bombs. You can keep them approximately 1 month. Through the energy recovery and pool, most player can earn 60.000 prestige points. It's very very important opportunity. I think there aren't any inexperienced players in e-Ireland but it might be 😃 Also as you know, there will be huge discounts on black friday. Companies upgrade, training ground upgrade, energy bars, packages ect. So we have to save up gold. I will share another article about black friday events.

What they were in 2018?

+1110 Energy Center for 11 days

+110hp/6min for 11 days

11-111 gold (based on the number of days worked in the past 111 days)
yaların xd

+100% Energy pool and Energy recovery bonuses from houses for 11 days
oyssh xd

111 stingers

11-222 Cruise Missiles (based on the number of daily orders completed in the past 111 days)

11x 2h +100% damage booster

it might be permanent this year like previous year

33-333 pumpkins/treats (based on the number of days trained in the past 111 days)

11-222 Small Bombs (based on the number of daily tasks completed in the past 111 days)

1-11x 111M Leviathan (based on the number of days you logged in the past 333 days, doesn't count for TP)