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Ministry of Community Competition#3 :Quiz

Day 1,820, 04:24 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Muz1

So here's yet another quiz. The procedure would be the same that is:
1. Send me the correct answers through Personal message in-game, do not write
the answer in comments or tell your answers to others.
2. You will not be given the chance to correct your answers again. However if
you think you have a valid reason, contact me.
3. The time limit is approximately 19 hours i.e till 00:00 eDay 1821.
1.You have two cans of water and unlimited supply of water. The cans
do not have any markings on them however you know that they are of 5 gallons and 3 gallons respectively. You need exactly one gallon of water in any one of the cans. How can you do it?

2.Which number completes this series? 99, 97, 95, __, 91, 89, 87
3.Who was the first person to climb Mount everest succesfully?
1.8 Q7 weapons (Sponsored by raao bhai)
2.10 Q6 weapons (Sponsored by raao bhai)
3.150 Q5 food (Sponsored by raao bhai)
4.15 Q3 weapons (Sponsored by manii aka Scorpion King)
Participation prizes:
1 Q6 Each
Note for Donations:
Guys please hold back the donations, my storage is already totally full and I don't even have storage for personal use. Thanks!

Minister of Community
Member of PDP


Ali Gtm
Ali Gtm Day 1,821, 02:03


untrusty Day 1,821, 02:08


Last Son of Krypton
Last Son of Krypton Day 1,821, 05:20


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