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Minister of Security UPDATES!

Day 1,874, 13:15 Published in Japan Brazil by bobbySAURON

Hello there. This is bobbySAURON, Minister of Security for this month.

My main job for now is to keep our country safe of political take-overs and all the mess they make.

For now, we are discussing a new immigration law as the current one is a little outdated and has been disrespected many times already.

I'd like to invite all of our citizens to help in this discussion, as this immigration law concernes all of us and our country well being as a whole.
Feel free to give suggestions on this article.

Another update I bring to you guys is the appointment of the Vice Minister of Security Sir Robin Ibz that will be doing all the hard work while I HUAAHUEHAUEHAUHUAEHUAHE around assisting me on providing a secure eJapan for all of us.
He has the power to approve citizenship request on my absence, since he has my complete trust and we get along well.
His levels of commitment and HUEHEUAHEUAHEUAHEUA and hard work are perfect for the job, so I'd like everyone to welcome him aboard.

Last but not least:

Well, one more for the lulz:

Let's work together for a better eJapan!



Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Day 1,874, 13:16


Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Day 1,874, 13:16

Voted, congratulations you earned my attention!

Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Day 1,874, 13:16


Boukun Suzaku
Boukun Suzaku Day 1,874, 13:18

voted 😛 even if ya dont credit me for finding yer pics 😉 lol

Shirobu Day 1,874, 13:20

Haha voted, don't disappear like the previous MoS

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Day 1,874, 13:24

Not the Hue's!

Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Day 1,874, 13:38

Shirobu I'm here just in case he disapears 😛

Nanashi Senshi
Nanashi Senshi Day 1,874, 14:37


Oraizan Day 1,874, 16:14

If he dissapears I'll ground him, it's okay.

Or maybe I should ground him so he dissapears....

bobbySAURON Day 1,874, 16:53

She'll ground me at her bed, witch is good.

Maybe I should be a baaaad booy 🙂

Aphroditea Day 1,874, 21:14


Zodiarque Day 1,875, 06:17

Hi, \(^-^)/

I made a new version of the picture IRC,

Now I guess it's more fitted to be a "click me" banner as it's thiner. I didn't know you aimed at making it a banner rather than a picture ^^ Otherwise I'd have come with this in the first place...

Whatever, tell me what you think of it and if you like it, you are free to edit your article.


B00oo Day 1,875, 07:02


Darshu Day 1,875, 09:49

You guys keep up the good work. Voted.

Five To Nine
Five To Nine Day 1,875, 11:02


DankChronic Day 1,875, 15:07

Voted, great to see an active MoS.

Clawed Day 1,875, 15:48


Shiro Yasha WD
Shiro Yasha WD Day 1,876, 12:10

voted o/

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