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Day 2,038, 10:05 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Jimbobfrey

This is my roundup of the recent military-based news. It’s kinda long so please fast forward to the bits you want to read 🙂

What’s that USA? I can’t hear you over my freedom

As most people on eRepublik know, TWO declared war on the USA recently. Now, with Serbia, Poland, Hungary, the eUK, Thailand and Montenegro all capturing states at a rate of knots, there is not much time left before the USA is finally wiped.

Is it just me or does Hungary look like a handgun?

What does this mean for CoT? Well, the invasion certainly shows the unity that exists in TWO but the effect on CoT is still unclear. Until the USA is completely wiped, CoT will continue to fight against TWO. But with the some of the largest militaries in the eWorld teaming up against the US, how long will CoT be able to keep this up?

UK and Ireland

Oh no, 2 specs of Irish resistance are building up! After successful occupation by the eUK, Ireland is finally getting some territories back as we focus on conquering the USA.

So, how will the eUK deal with Ireland? Beat them down again perhaps? Probably not. We’re more likely to see a NAP with Ireland in the coming days with a deal so that we can keep the regions which give us bonuses and Ireland can keep the rest.

However, there’s still a few chances to get your TP medals against Ireland yet...

Denmark and Germany

Most of you know but here it is anyway. The eUK has withdrawn its troops from Denmark after a NAP deal has been drawn up with Germany, handing back their Danish territories. This allows us to focus on taking down the USA.

We attacked Germany initially to help our TWO allies in Lithuania. Now that war is over and that’s why we left Denmark.

No more eUK over there

TWO vs Sweden

Norway and Sweden are other eCountries to suffer an attack from TWO. As you can see below, Lithuania have the vast majority of Swedish regions and Latvia are making their presence known as well. Belarus managed a successful airstrike in Northern Sweden and Norway. This is a large blow to the Asgard alliance.

Unlike Sweden, Norway is not completely wiped at the moment. Not yet anyway....

Not the clearest image ever but it does the trick

Ukraine-Hungarian War on Russia: New friendship or desperate measures?

The plan seems to be that Hungary took Russia to get a border with Alaska and spark TWO’s American initiative. But keeping Russia and western USA down is quite a hefty task, even for Hungary.

So, Ukraine is fighting what is left of Russia in the west. Ukraine used to be a colony of Hungary but, for now, there is peace between the two eCountries as Ukraine know they can get some more territories by helping Hungary.

But is this ‘friendship’ between the Ukraine and Hungary actually real or are Hungary starting to show signs of struggling to keep their colonies? It’s clear that Hungary want to keep Russia so they’d probably want to minimise the numbers of eCountries starting RWs against them.

Arabia: The end of Bulgaria?

Finally, but by no means any less important, is the potential end of Bulgaria in Arabia.

Egypt are red, Bulgaria are blue, will you be my valentine? OK they’re purple but that’s kinda similar to blue, right?

So Greece (baby diahorrea brown in this badly coloured map) is currently pushing Bulgaria out of Arabia in yet another domination of CoT by TWO. Macedonia are struggling against the Greeks and the Turkish (pinky colour) present another threat to them.

So CoT’s had better days but the fight continues. As long as there are some CoT territories, they’ll still be resisting the inevitable so let’s get wiping, TWO 🙂

tl:dr version:

- USA epic pwnage by TWO
- Ireland are back
- Bye bye Denmark
- Sweden also has epic pwnage from TWO
- Russia is flat battery, ukraine ‘is da bomb’
- Bulgaria become lolgaria after yet another TWO pwnage (not quite so epic but meh)
- Totally need new graphics



NueveOcho Day 2,038, 10:11


poletarec Day 2,038, 10:50

Macedonia timeless !

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,038, 10:14

Nice read Jimbob o/

Deepfryedmarsbar Day 2,038, 10:23

good article, very ugly journalist 😛


Jimbobfrey Day 2,038, 10:37

Oh no, I think you got it wrong. This is me, not ugly at all:


Huey George
Huey George Day 2,038, 10:29

A very informative article...all the military news you'd want, Jimbob


Stubica Day 2,038, 10:30, TWOs conquering the world seems like easy task...will share the plunder be that easy?

poletarec Day 2,038, 10:49

Good article/ v

poletarec Day 2,038, 10:51


Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,038, 11:26

Hats off to you mate this is a great round up...

...and yet no naked chicks?

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,038, 13:17

A, its nit a chick though is it?
B, Its not naked either

For shame...for...shame

Sven Goran Duran-Duran
Sven Goran Duran-Duran Day 2,039, 07:34


great stuff, comrade.

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