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Military Units: Problems and Solutions

Day 1,834, 17:31 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Israel by Newellington

Most people who read the Herald probably belong to a military unit. Therefore, they understand what a battle order is: you are asked to defeat 25 enemies in a country that Macedonia is allied with. This only works to a point. Not very many nations can actually kill 25 citizens in one day, since they don't have enough MKD to purchase adequate weapons, or sufficient energy storage.

Therefore, I propose the following solution: Military units should lower the 25-citizen requirement downward to 10, because the citizens could then be killed with non-top quality weaponry, and more people would be encouraged to complete this goal, leading to more world domination, which is what any military unit wants.

The second problem with military units is that a citizen will usually join the one with the most nations. This should not be the case. Leaders of a military unit should send messages to new citizens asking them to join their military unit instead of someone else's. In these messages, the better qualities of a military unit should be highlighted (You only need to gain a ____ rank, you only need to defeat ____ enemies to join, etc.). The message doesn't need to be personalized, but it should contain the reader's name (Dear N.🙂




etljo stnov
etljo stnov Day 1,834, 18:19

"There's only one possible order to set: Kill 25 enemies in a specific battle."

Newellington Day 1,839, 17:52

@svetljo stefanov:

I totally understand this. The opinion of the Newellington Herald is that the dedicated programmers who keep this good game running should take action on this petition.

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