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Military unit improvements!

Day 1,388, 08:38 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by Val4aka

Military Unit Leadership

- the creator of the Military Unit will be its Commander and on his profile, on the MU section it will appear "Military Unit Commander"
- the Commander cannot be changed unless he decides to appoint another player. That player should have at least Commander Rank.
- in case the Commander leaves the Military Unit without appointing another Commander, the highest ranked player will become the Commander, in the case of the Second Commander the rules apply as well. Also, if the Commander does not log in eRepublik for 7 consecutive days, he will be replaced as Commander by the highest ranked player in the unit, if a second Commander is not appointed.
- if a Commander leaves the unit and there is no one left in it, the unit is erased for good
- the Commander can appoint 2 Second Commanders as his deputies. These Second Commanders should be ranked at least Commander as well.

Military Unit Management

- every Military Unit will have more Regiments, which will be automatically created for every 30 players that joins that specific Military Unit
a Regiment can have maximum 50 players
- the regiments will be named consecutive: 1st Regiment of MU, 2nd Regiment of MU... 35th Regiment of MU etc.
- when a Regiment reaches 30 players, another Regiment will be created, automatically, and the new players will enter in the newest Regiment
- the rest of 20 places will have a link instead of a player, "Invite a friend", and friends from eRepublik can be invited by every player from that Regiment.

Article is get from obiwan emil - special thanks man.


Jordan12 Day 1,388, 09:11 > Military Unit

Val4aka Day 1,388, 09:17

и ?

eDarkAngel Day 1,388, 09:32

Нищо, просто ще можеш да имаш цялата армия на едно място и да се ползват вътрешните шаутове за команди.

troj4n20 Day 1,388, 10:53


Hamster24 Day 1,401, 21:24


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