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Military Structure in the eUK

Day 1,819, 19:04 Published in United Kingdom South Africa by Freebairn

The eUK's military has been in a shambled manner for the past year or so. The Ministry of Defense and Congress need to be more unified on our military. They need to establish a more formalized military; with better structure and funding. Now don't get me wrong, The Legion is a capable military force, but it didn't begin as a formal military force, and it is not the largest military unit in the eUK, the TUP family is. And this may not be real cause for concern, but most successful nations have more organized militaries.

Now military structure has never been a British specialty either. Presidents have changed, and each one has had a totally different view on how to operate the military. For instance, former president Thomas765, completely disbanded the national military corps. President Talon Karrde, set the former unit, the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) as defunct and declared the Legion the new military branch. Now with all this military change, there are bound to be issues. And (in my opinion) we need to have more voting in congress about this issue, to help construct a better military.


British Expeditionary Force soldiers.



Bohemond4 Day 1,820, 00:52

The current issue is funding. I would love to see a government funded national military. However, unsure how we can currently fund it, considering we cannot afford state funding to NHS (arguably more important overall, though some may disagree)

Our current 'National' Militia is privately funded and is currently able to maintain large damage outputs I think what would be better is what our current Ministry of Defence is doing, and that is working closely with MU commanders.

Alphabethis Day 1,820, 09:30

agreed, there's no money but we are getting to 3 million pounds in reserves.

WayneKerr Day 1,820, 10:55

Apparently the 'National' MU is not a matter for congress...

Freebairn Day 1,820, 12:08

Yes. Im not saying that the army we have now isn't good. Im just saying this is an issue to be debated (especialy in the eUK where it has some history)

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