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Military Scheme- Weapons for Warriors

Day 1,785, 22:45 Published in Saudi Arabia Israel by Venrick von Lucia

I am very happy to announce that we finally have a program in place to supply our loyal fighters with the weapons they need and deserve.

Let me explain the rules:

Rule 1= This is avalaible to D2 D3 and D4 players only

Rule 2= Weapons will be paid back to you per use

Rule 3= The budget is limited - When supplies run out for the month, they are gone.
If you want weapons, apply quickly.

Rule 4= Q7s only - The only weapons that will be supplied are Q7s. if you use any other kind of weapons to fight, that is your own business. We want to support players that fight as hard as possible only. That means Q7s, and no there will be no reimbursement for weapons used to make rockets. We are not supporting random BH medal hunters, only loyal warriors.

Rule 5= To request a Q7 weapon re-payment, you must contact me with a message including:

*Number of Q7s used

*Link to the battle they were used in

*Screenshot of that battle, in which i can see the URL link at the top, the eRep time in the upper right hand corner, The ammount of damage you did at the bottom, your name and everything in between. Basically you must furnish proof of your work, and if it looks suspicious you won't receive supplies.

*Screenshot of your storage, before and after. I want to see the erep time in the upper right corner, your weapons obviously, and also your CC and gold so that if you go and buy more weapons in the middle of a battle i can tell how many you got and i can see what you've used. also i want to see anything you have for sale at the bottom so that no one just buys weapons and puts them up for sale then takes the screen shot and asks for more to cheat. Remember, i need 2 screenshots of your storage, one before you fight, and one after.

Rule 6= To qualify for this program, you must prove your loyalty to Saudi Arabia. That means that you must send me a message every day for 7 days including the info that i have stated in Rule 5, before i will even consider supplying you.

Rule 7= I am personally managing the distribution of Q7 weapons. if there is any reason i think you do not deserve this service, i reserve the right to withhold this service from any player.

This is a service, provided by the government of eSaudi Arabia, in the hope of giving our greatest warriors economic relief, so that they can support us freely. I am the Minister of Defense of eSaudi Arabia, and i will be personally attending to this program. If you want weapons, contact me and follow the rules that i have stated here so that i can see your loyalty.



Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 1,785, 23:05


napan jr
napan jr Day 1,785, 23:15


Nice work
Minister achievements

abdullah australi
abdullah australi Day 1,786, 00:14

V + pirinc

outstanding work!

Angela Williams
Angela Williams Day 1,786, 00:32

Vote We did it in the end 😉

dug4n Day 1,786, 01:42


otyat Day 1,786, 04:25

wow.....big....WOW even

PrinceOfOcean Day 1,786, 05:21

sub 34

vote 10

Nice start

eLiam Day 1,786, 07:30


eLiam Day 1,786, 07:31


eLiam Day 1,786, 07:31

Voted. o7

Venrick von Lucia
Venrick von Lucia Day 1,786, 07:57

i made another rule, screenshots of your storage to be sure. please read it again if you had already read this last night

Aknouh Day 1,786, 09:58


hazem95 Day 1,786, 11:39

Nice Work. People who are loyal will not mind going through the process so long as they are loyal.

I-G-D Day 1,786, 12:29

Voted. ; )

anakin987 Day 1,786, 12:32


otyat Day 1,786, 13:32

Loyal my i will send my you copies of my passport / drivers licence / gun permit / duck tags / .......i will be taking pictures of the screen all night.

Cherruves Day 1,786, 14:01

Good indeed, Voted

eltoki Day 1,786, 18:49


Ahmed Ahmed 2
Ahmed Ahmed 2 Day 1,786, 21:00

v o7

mounir Day 1,787, 10:53


Aknouh Day 1,787, 12:00

@3aam otyat

KHAN68 Day 1,787, 23:18

adam email ve şifreyi isteme çekinmiş agfadsgdf xD

Maced0n Day 1,788, 05:52


Colonel Jafar
Colonel Jafar Day 1,788, 17:21

voted, it is seems a good project .

Ulrichkun Day 1,794, 19:08


MoRiNKuShi Day 1,799, 16:46

Vay anasını seyin seyirciler bizim devlet kurumlarındaki gibi prosedür var adamlarda bir supply için

Cluster Storms
Cluster Storms Day 1,799, 19:52

Ladies always First 😛
Hail Hamturk 😃

ikonomista Day 1,802, 08:24

voted / o7

xam xam
xam xam Day 1,837, 07:32

too many rules amk

Bleed Green
Bleed Green Day 1,837, 17:59

i agree, a lot of rules.. One screenshot should be enough, if you get cheaters you'd easily be able to check on them if they become a multiple offender (cheat more then once).

Also, I don't want to be showing my gold / currency amount. Your asking for loyal fighters, but yet your showing little trust...

I would suggest if you go through this lengthy process you should be added to list of trusted players.

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 1,838, 02:01

a little complex. I'll pass. I'll still figh along side you, I just can't be bothered with all of this.
There are better ways to spend our time, like trolling this article.

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