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Military Module Update + EDITS [Day 1665]

Day 1,665, 06:10 Published in USA Serbia by Hanibal LA

Dear eRepublikans. We are all waiting to see what changes Admins bring to us this time.

So far, only known change is called ``Division Battles``

Starting Day 1,665 every citizen will belong to a division, according to the changes we have made in the military module.

As you can see, this changes are predicted by Kurenat, 105 days ago. All about that you can read in his article. This is proof Admins reading our articles \o/

Let's see about changes they made today.

Division Level Experience points needed

1. National Guard 1 - 24 (min 0)
2. Soldiers 25 - 29 (min 5.000)
3. Special Forces 30 - 36 (min 25.000)
4. Tanks 37+ (min 60.000)

This means that a battle is also divided into the 4 divisions mentioned above. For example if a citizen of level 26 enters a campaign to fight, he will only fight in the 2nd division.

Winning a battle

When a country reaches 1800 domination points the battle is won. This concept will be applied for every division. In addition, we’ve made the divisions more relevant by adding them points, as follows:

Campaign Points
1. National Guard 1
2. Soldier 2
3. Special Forces 3
4. Tanks 5

If a division reaches 1800 domination points in 90 minutes, the next battle starts only after all the 3 others have reached 1800 points as well, hence all 4 division battles will be starting in the same time.

Winning a campaign

when you click on campagns details you will get details about all 4 divisions and their walls.

After every battle won by a division, the points will be added to the total points of the campaign.

Eg.: After the 1st battle, if Country A wins division 1 and 3, Country B wins division 2 and 4, the Total Score would be: Country A = 4 total points and Country B = 7 total points.

After the 2nd battle, if Country A wins division 3 and 4, Country B wins division 1 and 2, the Total would be: Country A = 12 total points and Country B = 10 total points.

A campaign can last up to 15 battles. For a country to win a campaign, it needs to collect at least 83 points. (This is the majority of points that can be won in 15 battles, in all 4 divisions).

The campaign ends when one of the countries reaches 83 points, even if less than 15 battles took place in that campaign.

Battle and Campaign Hero Medal

At the end of every battle, the Battle Hero Medal is awarded to the citizens that inflicted the highest damage on each side in all four divisions. They will receive an amount of gold as following:

Division Gold for Battle Hero

1. National Guard 2
2. Soldier 3
3. Special Forces 4
4. Tanks 5

There will be only one Campaign Hero for each of the two countries participating in the campaign, awarded as usual to the citizen that dealt the most damage in the entire campaign.

Fight to defeat an enemy ( ONE SHOOT - ONE KILL )

This is another change Admins bring to us this time.

Furthermore, the fight button has been updated. You no longer have to click several times in order to kill an enemy. From now on, clicking it once you will make an instant kill. However, the wellness will still be consumed depending on how many hits you need in order to kill the enemy (same principle as before), and the damage, rank points and experience points will be given accordingly. If you have less health that needed to defeat an enemy, you will remain at 0 health, no extra health will be consumed by eating food or Energy bar ( like when working).

Retrieved from eRepublik Wiki

Author oppinion:

This is great change. Mainly cuz lower ranked players now have their place and role in this game. From now on, payers will not be the ones who decide the battle. Their dmg dont even reach 50% of all dmg. Evetything is more realistic adn more equal. No more str limit for MU members...

Also, this is good for our ECONOMY because more gold will come into the game via BHs(for lower level players too). ALso, strong players with low XP will stop working in their companies to stop raising of their XP, and that means less raw and you know raw is main problem of our economy.

And now we have more complicated game. I think till now strategy will have big role in winning Campaign.

Many player thinks that players should be divided by strengh, not by XP. But it's mostly the same, cuz there is no players with 25lvl and 15k str?! Right ?! Those players are minority.

Also, Admins should add 5th division, not change this one..

important edit [confirmed]

New change. Hit with bazooka will bring you 1000 rank points, 10% of damage oy made with it, instead q6 max hit, like till now.

important edit [confirmed]

Hanibal LA, Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 5:29 PM

what if 9th lvl player hunt BH medal and during fighting he reach lvl 10. deas he automaticly passing to next group or stays there till round ends ?!

Mihai E. Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 5:46 PM

Regarding your other question the answer is yes, you will be moved in that division and you might loose the medal or win in both divisions 🙂.

important edit [confirmed]

Hanibal LA, Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 7:06 PM

what about rw. is there some changes (except way of fighting) ?!

Mihai E. Posted On: 11 Jun 2012 7:03 PM

There are no general changes regarding the RW. The only change was generated by the changes that we did today.
The RW opening issue is an expected behavior which we will fix in the next 24 hours.

important edit [confirmed]

cc1432Day 1,665, 07:46
from what i heard, they didn't use str becuase people in div 1 would make clones, stop training at div limit and win BH after BH. A real concern, while they can't do the same with exp, rank, dmg. IMO from those 3 divisions should have been made according to dmg or rank.... Statistically in an equation:
dmg=b1+b2*rank+b3*exp, rank would be way more correlated with the dmg, than exp for sure....

Tickets with some issues are sent. When we found out some new info text will be edited.

For shout:




ZeneFallX Day 1,665, 06:12


mcmoox Day 1,665, 06:12

MCMOOX je bio ovde!!!

Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 1,665, 06:15

huh .... what if a country doesn't have little levels??? will have to hire some??

exe9 Day 1,665, 06:16


Aggelakiss Day 1,665, 06:23

They should have divided the categories by strength....

Mysterious.Mind Day 1,665, 06:24

Let the BH hunting for lower levels begin!

gileva Day 1,665, 06:28

v & tnx

ServerMan Day 1,665, 06:29

They should have divided the categories by strength.... +1

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,665, 06:31

interesting...let's see how it works..
and lol, i am a tenk and i have only 6,3k str

AshIander Day 1,665, 06:33

This is soo stupid...

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,665, 06:35


Gil-galad Day 1,665, 06:40


Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,665, 06:42

Divided by str or xp is same ( mostly )...there is no players with 25 lvl and 15k str ?! right ?!

Skituljko Day 1,665, 06:42

honey badger
dont care

Romper Day 1,665, 06:46

DIviding by XP means that all gold buyers fight each other, not against food fighters. The good part is that they don't count for even 50% of the battle outcome. But it is so much easier to just complaint about everything than to actually use a brain and think. As usual.

Rona1d Day 1,665, 06:47

Bots armies are coming

Muusika Day 1,665, 06:50

Romper, I'm not a goldbuyer and yet I am fighting against you.

Mysterious.Mind Day 1,665, 06:52

Romper, I'm not a goldbuyer and yet I am fighting against you. x2
or rather, alongside you

Skituljko Day 1,665, 06:54

Romper, I'm not a goldbuyer and yet I am fighting against you. x354352135435

but romper wont get that ; )

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,665, 06:56

Ppl...this change is great. we needed something like this. now we r all equal, and payers are not that important for winning campaign.

u asked for this and now complaining

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,665, 06:56

Romper explained everything !!!!

Mysterious.Mind Day 1,665, 06:59

Im not complaining, just saying the way the "division" was made has in fact made all heavy hitters come in the same category. I disagreed with the word "goldbuyer".

I think this is a decent change, because more gold will come into the game via BHs(for lower level players too)

Mitch Rapp
Mitch Rapp Day 1,665, 07:00

It seems interesting..... i will wait and see before i judge

trbovc Day 1,665, 07:00

Plato should made erep. elite for hardcore gold buyers like romper 😃
i don't like changes, as usual

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,665, 07:01

I think this is a decent change, because more gold will come into the game via BHs(for lower level players too)


Ivan Vancho Makedonski
Ivan Vancho Makedonski Day 1,665, 07:01

Brace yourselves, multi low level armies are coming -,-

Maglinjo Day 1,665, 07:02


Gillighan McGill
Gillighan McGill Day 1,665, 07:02

it`s a good change..just wait and u`ll see :😁

INCARNiEU Day 1,665, 07:03

You are wrong... big level doesn't mean you have a lot of str, A lot of players were building q4 wrm factories and since with working you get 2 exp and fighting 1 exp, they have big levels but low str. Dividing by str would be better according to my opinion.

eisenmutter2 Day 1,665, 07:04

the newbies are now at the side-table
fighting to death for 2 or 3gold BH among themself

and when they spend a fortune for their 3gold BH they get the consolation prize of 5g Campaign hero

thats what you get for whining the whole time about how hard it is taking a BH with bazookas, its not like you have to spend less of them then before when fighting each other just saying...

eisenmutter2 Day 1,665, 07:05

@Jas Ami Koj Day 1,665, 07:03
im one of the people with many factories going the economy way
and now im a tank too


Stucna Day 1,665, 07:07

I'm not a goldbuyer and yet I am in Tank Division
Plato FAIL

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,665, 07:09

@Stucna player like you are minority. whole your eLife you just worked in your Companies...players most;y spend their time fighting, not working....

Mysterious.Mind Day 1,665, 07:11

The real trouble comes when you think of how to reorganise the military/militas. Until now bigger str meant more supplies. Now things will have to change and everyone may get an equal "slice".

Also having a MU filled with GoW that hit 300 milions/day may be irrelevant if you are not supported by players from the other divisions. So a lot more planning will have to go into battles, especially when it comes to RW

aloparmeno_kavouri Day 1,665, 07:11

v 403 s old

eisenmutter2 Day 1,665, 07:13

@Hanibal LA Day 1,665, 07:09
well working got you products and money (at least some time before today)

whereas fighting as a "not tank" got you ... less weapons?

Mysterious.Mind Day 1,665, 07:17

it helped him become the most awesome thing in this game, a marine!
Semper Fi

eisenmutter2 Day 1,665, 07:20

and i dont see how to get a constant flow of low level but high strength citizens you need to win the low-division-fights. multiboom?

Mysterious.Mind Day 1,665, 07:22

either that or we teach the new players to save their "first time" fight till they reach a certain strength xDxD

eisenmutter2 Day 1,665, 07:24

@Infinity13 Day 1,665, 07:21
yeah i see that

newbies - prohibited from working
law to just train and do nothing else...

put that in the greeting-letter for newbies nice.

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,665, 07:25

our main problem was new players who leaving game after few weeks...not this is solved..

i know multies will be great problem, but harder work or more moderators will fix this too..

Stucna Day 1,665, 07:27

@Hanibal LA You are wrong. I fought a lot. Check my rank. And dont give crap what i did my whole elife

Curogane Day 1,665, 07:28


cc1432 Day 1,665, 07:29


Overall this is a good change expecially for those in DIV I and II who had no choice getting a BH till now.
Another thing is that bots won;t matter becuase they are division 1 material. The problem till no is that Romper or Scymex had to use a lot of their dmg to compensate the bot dmg. ATm we don't care that much... let bots win and get 1 point out of 11 (1+2+3+5) max.

cc1432 Day 1,665, 07:34

@eisenmutter yes they have bazookas but for me to be competitive i have to w8 even 20 days so i can get an easy BH, while in div 1 or 2 maybe they will w8 only 10 days before trying .... we will see. Overall Div I and II have higher chance for BH.

The problems are in Div III and IV where the players are very mixed (both low and high dmg / hit) and tbh nothing has changed.maybe those in div III have a lower competition but also a lower reward.

eisenmutter2 Day 1,665, 07:34

@Hanibal LA Day 1,665, 07:25

well i dont see how fighting for a 2 or 3 gold BH will keep newbies in the game
they all have bazookas and they all know to use them

+ when they delete bazookas from game the newbies lose a "free weapon" and have to buy them, so the rich will get the BH because the can buy weapons and training for gold

Ludak021 Day 1,665, 07:35

more like a script that will randomly ban lvl 23-25 xD

Ludak021 Day 1,665, 07:37

PS. I smell Div V is coming...soon, str based from 12000 to 15000, only 99 gold per transfer on a discount 😃

Demodar Day 1,665, 07:38

The problem is that i am with 8000+ STR but i am level 42
I have a friend that is level 36 and he has 16000+ STR

That is why i think STR is better than XP

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