Migrating to a new cluster architecture

Day 682, 01:28 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

As you've probably read in one of the previous Insiders, the technical team here at eRepublik has been working hard to keep the game up and running. In fact, we're sure you've noticed some speed improvements in the past month or so. Ever since January this year, we've been continuously trying out some new things (and learned from our mistakes) thus at this point, we would like to tie up some loose ends and move to a new clustering architecture.

In spite of our best efforts to make this transition as painless as possible for everybody, some downtime will be needed in order to complete our setup. Therefore, on Wednesday, day 687 of the New World, the game will be offline for scheduled maintenance for about 4 hours starting 02:00 eRepublik time.

During this time, our team of engineers will rush to reinstall everything from load balancers, reverse proxies, web nodes, cache and database servers to accommodate the new setup.

The finished cluster will essentially mean better performance as new features and modules are coming online and more and more people are joining the New World.

In case you wonder what the new cluster looks like, here and here are some smug shots of 384GB RAM and 120CPU Cores Nehalem Xeons all ready to tackle the game 🙂.

The Tech Team

Update: Starting Monday, day 685 of the New World, by eating food citizens will no longer receive 1 XP. Instead, they'll receive 2 XP by "training," hence the total amount of received XP remains the same.