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MI - You Want Them Contest Results

Day 597, 06:03 Published in USA USA by Heather Fuchs

Last week it started with a simple paragraph:
"Two lucky winners will each win 2 Q5 weapons that they can pack into their next battle for massive damage. Perhaps you've noticed each week the Battle Cry includes a new quote about Freedom or Liberty? Here is the contest: Send me the very best quotes you can find on Freedom or Liberty".

Your response was fantastic! For the past seven days dozens and dozens of you have become students of Freedom and Liberty. You've poured over your bookshelf, the library, and the web to find brilliant and insightful thoughts on the topic. My guess is some of you even had a few moments of quiet reflection at this amazing gift we have here in the United States.

I received a remarkable 174 entries! Some of them so impressive I've already used them in previous issues of this newspaper. Some of them would get me banned if I used the language here. Some made me laugh, and some gave me that quiet moment of introspection I mentioned above.

The most amazing thing was the incredibly range of people quoted. Here is a small sample. Even though they may not be your favorite folks (No man's life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session. -Gideon J. Tucker) you loved to quote politicians:
Benjamin Franklin
Samuel Adams
Thomas Jefferson
John F. Kennedy
Abraham Lincoln
Dick Cheney
Alexander Hamilton
Adlai Stevenson
Winston Churchill
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Not surprising a few military leaders showed up on the list:
George S. Patton
Sun Tzu
Douglas MacArthur
Brig. General James Sehorn

And you enjoyed the ideas of some of the most influential Philosophers, Thinkers, and Writers since the beginning of the written word:
Thucydides (460BC)
Soren Kierkegaard
Albert Camus
Alexis de Tocqueville
Malcolm X
Frederick Douglass
John Stuart Mill
Robert A. Heinlein (our own Starship Troopers author)
George Orwell
Mahatma Gandhi
Clarence Darrow
Edward R. Murrow
William Faulkner
Frank Herbert (Dune)

By sending in quotes from George Carlin and John Wayne you showed comedians and actors can have meaningful things to say on the topic. But by FAR the most quoted author submitted was Thomas Paine, pamphleteer, revolutionary, radical, inventor, intellectual, and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. As well he should have been given everything he had to say on the topics.

To keep the process objective, the names of all who submitted were removed from the quotes at the time of selection.

It is with great pleasure I announce our two winners. Hoyle, US Training Division, 3rd Company, 15th Platoon "The Fighting 15th" (although rumor has it he recently his finished final exam and has requested transfer to the MI) provided the quote used in this week's issue. Mjb Silent, Mobile Infantry, Charlie Company, 5th Platoon, submitted the quote that will appear next week. You'll have to read that issue to see the moving words he came up with. Both soldiers have already received their 2 Q5 weapons. May they use them in health as they defend our own eFreedom and eLiberty!

To stay in touch with all MI news, you are encouraged to subscribe and vote for this paper.

Respectfully submitted
Major Dania
Mobile Infantry Press Officer

You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once. - Robert A. Heinlein (winning entry submitted by Private Hoyle)



Joe Lansing
Joe Lansing Day 597, 06:07

Congrats winners! Thanks for running this Dania, I had a good time with it!

Fidenorian Day 597, 06:12

Nice job, winners. I submitted a quote just like the one Hoyle had, but I guess he submitted it first. 😃

Therose Day 597, 06:38

Nice job guys!

Lenore Rosborough
Lenore Rosborough Day 597, 07:46

Thanks Dania! Congrats to the winners!

congrats guys.

Hoyle Day 597, 07:59

Thanks Dania! I really thought that one would've been said already.
This is great and I am in Mobile Infantry now, Charlie 4!

Mjb Silent
Mjb Silent Day 597, 08:13

Thanks as well, and a warm welcome to Hoyle!

Kellman Day 597, 09:11


caesar832 Day 597, 09:25

Is there a page to see all the quotes?

ligtreb Day 597, 09:27


Jimmy Olsen
Jimmy Olsen Day 597, 09:35

yeah Hoyle! Represent the Sexy leopards!!

Dania Day 597, 10:56

@caesar832 - no there isn't a page where you can see all the quotes. But for the next many many weeks ALL the quotes used in the Battle Cry will be from these outstanding submissions.

Lazert111 Day 597, 11:03

Congrats Hoyle!

Mokazra Day 597, 12:07

I didn't win? 🙁 But at least the greatest author ever did. (No not you, Hoyle!) 😉

ugabug Day 598, 06:35

Congratulations Hoyle and Mjb Silent.

Bastion Day 599, 09:26

Congratulations, you two!!

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