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MI - You Want Them Contest

Day 590, 00:33 Published in USA USA by Heather Fuchs

Do you know with strength of 6 and full health, using a Q1 weapon will deliver around 50 damage? Do you realize with a Q5 weapon at your side that same fight would generate 83 damage! But there is a small problem in that a Q5 weapon costs around 1.3Gold. Be strong soldier, the Mobile Infantry Press announces a contest to get two of those babies in your hands.

You know you want them. The guns we're talking about right?

Two lucky winners will each win 2 Q5 weapons that they can pack into their next battle for massive damage. Perhaps you've noticed each week the Battle Cry includes a new quote about Freedom or Liberty? Here is the contest:

Send me the very best quotes you can find on Freedom or Liberty. Dig out that old quotation book on the shelf. Do some web searching. Make one up yourself! It doesn't matter where they come from or who said it. I will select my two favorite from all the submissions and those two folks will win the guns. Easy!

Ok there are a few rules:
. . . 1. Submissions must be sent to me in PM so I can log and sort them. Any quotes that are posted only in the comment section of this newspaper will not be considered. (That link takes you directly to my profile for ease of submission)
. . . 2. Each person may submit up to 5 quotes.
. . . 3. All quotes must include the person who said it.
. . . 4. If the winning submission is entered more than once, the first time it is submitted will be chosen.
. . . 5. All submissions must be received by the end of the day this coming Tuesday July 7, Day 595 at server reset.
. . . 6. Submissions will only be considered from eUSA citizens.

I will be the sole judge and executioner, and my arbitrary and capricious decision is final. Mobile Infantry Press reserves the right to use any and all submissions in future editions of the Battle Cry, regardless if they are awarded a prize or not.

Please note that NO governmentally allocated military funding is being used for this contest. The money for these prizes was recently won by yours truly in a publicized writing competition. Since the story that won was inspired by my fellow soldiers in the MI, I thought it only appropriate to donate the money back to you all like this.

Good luck! I look forward to reading your submissions!

To stay in touch with all MI news, you are encouraged to subscribe and vote for this paper.

Respectfully submitted
Major Dania
Mobile Infantry Press Officer

In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved. ~Franklin D. Roosevelt


ligtreb Day 590, 00:35

Excellent idea. Thanks for doing this!

Dude I. Rock
Dude I. Rock Day 590, 00:43

sounds good, can people outside of the MI enter also?
and i was going to send in the quote you have at the bottom of this page until i saw you already had it here 🙁

Dania Day 590, 00:51

"6. Submissions will only be considered from eUSA citizens." This contest is open to all from the eUSA, not just MI or the Armed Forces.

Blaber Day 590, 01:31

Not exactly about freedom or liberty but great military quote from WWII Gen. Patton "War is not about dying for your country, it is about making the other poor bastard die for his."

Khaiyan Day 590, 01:35

Great stuff, voted!

caesar832 Day 590, 05:28

I like blader's quote

Also is this only for MI members or all citizens?

Joe Garzone
Joe Garzone Day 590, 06:48

All eUSA citizens caesar32

Thomas Kane
Thomas Kane Day 590, 07:21

voted and sending some quotes. This is NOT the awesomeness contest I was pushing for...

Dania Day 590, 08:14

@Thomas Kane: Oh? Send me a PM and let me know what you had in mind.

Joe Lansing
Joe Lansing Day 590, 08:57

Thanks Dania, great work!

Ronin Wilderness
Ronin Wilderness Day 590, 09:41


PacoTheLoveMonkey Day 590, 19:16

You know you want them. The guns we're talking about right?

stolen 3rd world children? no
hep c? no

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