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MI Weekly Report (Jan 27-Feb 2)

Day 1,903, 23:29 Published in USA USA by Heather Fuchs
Believing a Pie Bowl would be more entertaining...

The MI Weekly Report.

These weekly entries will feature various troop stats collected for the week as well as any recent MI news, announcements, or updates... and perhaps the occasional hidden gem...

This Week in the MI

A somewhat late report this week, thanks to me being busy with a certain large televised sporting event...

Overall, a very poor week this past week in the MI. Our IRC numbers dropped a little, and our fight stats fell more - even with several returnees and new recruits being added. I think the long stretch without any in-game missions and the further collapse of the market is hurting it a little.

No promotions to report this week.

MI Stats for the week of Jan 27-Feb 2

Top 5 MI Fighters of the Week
based on est. # of fights done



Torman Capek



Top 5 Most Improved in Rank
based upon % increase in total rank points

hawkia - 10.9% Rank Point increase

Braden Tyrel Trambly - 6.9% Rank Point increase

Hextos - 5.7% Rank Point increase

Edison~Trent - 5.6% Rank Point increase

Jericho Canaan - 5.5% Rank Point increase

Rank Level Increases
The following MI personnel have increased in Rank Level in the past week:

tsewell to God of War**
kitmen to World Class Force***
Edison~Trent to World Class Force
Hextos to National Force*
hawkia to Field Marshal***

Private of the Week

This weekly acknowledgement is for the private who has been the most exceptional in terms of activity and dedication within the Mobile Infantry.

This week's recipient is:

Ricardo Rivera Abad

RRA returns to the spot, being the only qualifying private this week! As a result, he will be given a bonus 10 Q7 weapons!

If any other privates would like a chance at this award, they should get more active. (especially on IRC!)

Officer of the Week

This weekly acknowledgement is for the officer determined to be the most exceptional in encouraging activity and engaging their troops.

This week's recipient is:


Even more competition this week, but Greenday maintained a slight edge and holds onto the title for yet another week. As a reward he will receive a bonus 10 Q7 weapons!

Congrats to everyone for their accomplishments this week!

MI Troops - work hard and be active and you could be on next week's report.

For those not in the MI -

If your strength is at least 500 and your battlefield rank is Lieutenant or higher (or you can do at least 100 influence per fight barehanded) ...and if you like pie as much as we do, you too could be a member of the Mobile Infantry!!!

Not strong enough for the MI yet or have no experience with a military group?
Then join the eUS Training Corps

General Heather Fuchs
Commanding Officer
eUS Mobile Infantry


Heather Fuchs
Heather Fuchs Day 1,903, 23:30

Rhubarb over Shoofly 27-17

kitmen Day 1,903, 23:33

Apple over Pecan 9001 - 17

Verdugo22 Day 1,903, 00:20

The market makes me sad.

darksrevan Day 1,903, 04:32

Soon everything will be free on the market.

BTTrambly Day 1,903, 06:16

AH! KITMEN! ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiacha Day 1,903, 07:16

woooooooooooooo 😃

Greenday4537 Day 1,903, 08:20

Victory is mine!

Ricardo Rivera Abad
Ricardo Rivera Abad Day 1,903, 08:30

and mine! that was unexpected !!

Tormannosaurus Rex
Tormannosaurus Rex Day 1,903, 11:57

Sojirou Day 1,903, 13:49

Cake is the secret ingredient...

Powow Day 1,903, 14:33

^ ... of all liars

Spamgobbler Day 1,903, 17:56

There is a market?

BMai Day 1,903, 19:27

Finally... I am still sad for Sunday :'(

clevin Day 1,903, 19:38

Gratz to RRA, Greenday, and everyone else on the board!

Sadew Shragnor
Sadew Shragnor Day 1,903, 20:41


kavan1028 Day 1,903, 20:58

yay me!

Donovan McNair
Donovan McNair Day 1,903, 21:22

voted, bravo 1

Ruscion Day 1,904, 05:23

Was pie served during large sporting event?

NoVaK220 Day 1,904, 11:35


Annalise123 Day 1,904, 12:16


Oxy744 Day 1,904, 12:18


Ruthain Day 1,904, 15:22


NikolaiX Day 1,904, 18:55

Congrats everyone!!!

Edison~Trent Day 1,904, 19:29

\o/ wohooo

Agent ballerina
Agent ballerina Day 1,904, 19:32


Philip Blackadder Rosovsky
Philip Blackadder Rosovsky Day 1,905, 06:05


Cbowmom87 Day 1,906, 14:43

how come i haven't been seeing these...?

Zonmei Day 1,906, 15:48


Christopher L Ripple
Christopher L Ripple Day 1,908, 01:03


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