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Message for All Congress Members and Citizens of Thailand!

Day 1,012, 12:24 Published in Thailand Thailand by bunairi

After the last election results, someone proposed an impeachment proposal without consulting to other congress member or writing an article about it. He do it carelessly. Because of that the proposal got REJECTED. And, we do not have any chance to proposed the proposal again.

Today, I see to article saying about the impeachment. WTF? This is something you should made before the proposing a proposal. Please, stop making propaganda!

To all congress member, we must learn from this mistake. Please, consult every congress member before proposing a proposal, especially very important proposal like this. Do not act by yourself. We MUST UNITED.

Second message is that we Thai Democratic Party already have our candidate for President. So, any PTO do not try to ask for that.

Abrusssi1 just send me a message that he want to be the president. But when I do see his proposal in congress. I do not show any good plan in his proposal and all got rejected. After that, he just resign from congress. I do not see any responsibility in him.

And then I ask why you want to be president? He said "😑 I had very important battle. I had to do this." lol Sorry dude, we have many good person in Thailand.

He also send message to all congress asking citizenship for his friends. I believe he want to make another PTO group here. So, all congress do not give citizenship to his friend.

My Last Message, Lets UNITED!

(Thai Democratic Party)


bunairi Day 1,012, 12:25


bunairi Day 1,012, 13:00

Be Aware of PTO

Abrusssi1 Day 1,012, 13:12

I am from Poland and I help your country against Indos. I have very important battle in my country and I had to come back.
Ok if you don't need anyone's help...
(yours country was robbed... by who?)

bunairi Day 1,012, 15:14

Oh yeah, we remember your help last month. Hundreds of loland bot attack here and we lost much of the treasury. You are the same PTO.

furyy Day 1,012, 18:09

we must be united against indo to again..

Luthfisnet Day 1,012, 20:42

Yes, We must united \o/

Abrusssi1 Day 1,013, 01:41

Where is 13000THB?
Where are national company?

Who protected Thailand last month?

bunairi Day 1,013, 08:11

If you have any good in Thailand. Why you resign !? After you get the medal and gold. You just the same.

Dip. Inz. Dr. Pr. Mr. Veki
Dip. Inz. Dr. Pr. Mr. Veki Day 1,013, 12:58

no vote

Dip. Inz. Dr. Pr. Mr. Veki
Dip. Inz. Dr. Pr. Mr. Veki Day 1,013, 13:00

btw he (and now me) left because we realized how shitty thailand now is, because of the president, and there is nothing we can do, I almost threw up when I saw presidents law proposals.

President, realize, thailand can't have peace with indonesia while southern thailand is occupied by them! But since you are Indo as well, you want southern thailand to permanently be in Indo hands...

Luthfisnet Day 1,013, 17:21

he left because he is a medal hunter and only want to take advantage in thailand.

Ifke Day 1,014, 05:11

Serbia will protect eThai, but only eThai girls )))))

@Abrusssi1 Loland lol

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