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Day 3,114, 01:48 Published in USA USA by USAF Media

His Daddy won't be in the parade. He won't be at the picnic. He's not coming home. Ever.

USAF Newsletter - Memorial Day

Dateline: Monday, May 30, 2016 (Day 3114)
Location: United States Armed Forces HQ, Denver

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: 1 : Never Forget
: 2 : Resource War Map
: 3 : Forever Young
: Video : Memorial Day Tribute

Editor’s Notes: Before the parades and picnics, before the fireworks and food fests, there is war and death. There is personal loss and grief that never end. We click our little Fight button, and that's fine because we are playing a game. But Memorial Day is for those who weren't playing a game. For far too many fathers and sons, neighbors and sweethearts, who went away and never came back, "game over" is forever. Never forget that. Never.

Never Forget

Resource Wars Map

Here's what we got over the weekend and into this morning:
Aluminum (Idaho), Titanium (Utah and Indiana), Cobalt (Indiana),
Granite and Clay (Florida), and finally the much needed Rubber (Kentucky).

and of that, all this was just overnight Sunday/Monday..!!
Congratulations, and Thank You, Battle Managers Yui1 and Ubuntu21

All that's left absolutely needed is Neodymium. Yeah, sure, we'll take some duplicate resources, because more is better, but one of these days that one remaining Neodymium is going to pop up on the Resource Pool list, and that's when sh*t's gonna get real.
Not only will that be hotly contested among all North and South American countries, but every other country on the map will be out to spoil the party for the US.

As always, fight smart. Check the DoD Orders, or better yet, get into IRC Rizon #ResourceWars and see where your Battle Manager wants you to fight.

Forever Young

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