Meme Wars Winners

Day 3,584, 09:21 Published in USA USA by Gnilraps

Day 3584 of the New World
September12 , 2017

An Official Contest of the WDIB2 MR Administration

Well so this article is long overdue.

I have a good excuse though. Absurdly, I kept advancing in that eRepublik Idol contest despite the fact that I sing like a drunken donkey. I suppose I could do less drinking when I sing, but then I’d merely sound like a donkey. Drunken donkey seemed to do the trick though, and I was pretty excited to win that contest. The other finalist, MomonSyalala actually can sing, so it was a travesty of justice that he didn’t win, but I’ll take it. I figure if MomonSyalala had done a bunch of Tom Waits and Bob Dylan songs like I did he’d probably have beaten me. I wasn’t the better singer, I had awesome tunes.

Anyway, that contest really did take a ton of time. I did all my own instrumentation (except for that Elvis song because I was REALLY in a rush that night) and like I said I’m not a singer so there was practicing and failing and more failing and even more failing and tunes I recorded that sounded so bad… Yes. I tried to do “You and Me and the Beat.” And if you really want to hear something horrible, donate 10K CC to my account and I’ll send you a link of me doing U2’s “Bad”. It was “Worse”.

All that to say that the timing of that contest and Meme wars was terrible. Add to that my RL vacation and the fact that the organization I run operates on a September-August fiscal year and suffice it to say that I has zero time.

That’s my excuse. (It’s also why it took me so long to figure out wth Plato was doing with these latest updates…)

So without further ado, and with enormous thanks to WhyDoIBotherToo for sponsoring this contest and to Melissa Rose who not only kept the fire lit beneath my ass but also finalized the judging for me…


There were 10 categories.

1 - Meme making fun of a Top 10 eUSA Political Party

2 - Meme making fun of the eUSA

3 - Meme making fun of an eUSA Citizen (other than those with a special category)

4 - Meme making fun of any eNation other than eUSA

5 - Meme making fun of Colin Lantrip

6 - Meme making fun of Plato

7 - Meme making fun of Yui

8 - Meme making fun of Clopoyaur

9 - Meme making fun of Gnilraps

10 - Meme making fun of the eUSA Forums

One at a time:

Category 1: Meme making fun of a Top10 eUSA Political Party


Even though I myself was an SFP CP(/D)… Joke still works beautifully.

Citizen: Maliopopoubross

Awar😛 50K cc

I’ll give Second place to this:

I don’t entirely have to agree in order to recognize the thought behind it.

Citizen: chriscoded

Awar😛 20K cc

Category 2: Meme making fun of the eUSA


Category 2 did not have three viable entries (a requirement of the contest). Most just made fun of RL USA instead.

The only viable entry was this:

Category DQ'd for lack of entries AND lack of quality.

No winner.

Category 3: Meme making fun of a citizen of eUSA (excluding Gnilraps/YUI)

This category disappointed. There’s SO MUCH POTENTIAL HERE PEOPLE!!!

Anyway, here’s the winning entry:

Not that the subject of that excellent meme needs any additional attention…

Citizen: Liracy

Awar😛 50K cc[url]

We’ll give Second Prize to this:

It seems like a certain citizen timed his idiotic childish rant party in perfect coincidence with our little meme contest.

Anyway, Citizen: [/url]chriscoded

Awar😛 20K cc

As you can see already, the participation in this event was below expectations.

Category 4: Meme making fun of any eNation other than eUSA

Only one entry. Category DQ’d

Category 5: Meme making fun of Colin Lantrip

Finally something which generated some action.

Before we announce the winner in this category, allow me to offer my own work:

Yes, Colin has a beard IRL. Yes, he also has money.

Now on to the winner:


Awar😛 50K cc

Second Prize:

Citizen: Melissa Rose

Awar😛 20Kcc

Category 6: Meme making fun of Plato!!!!

Difficult category to judge for several reasons:
1 - too easy
2 - entries were not very creative
3 - no amount of trolling will ever be enough

But still there was one entry that stood out from the rest.

The winner:


Citizen: Danijel Kralj

Awar😛 50K cc

And second prize goes to:

I remember too.

Citizen: Janty F

Awar😛 20K cc

Also goo😛

Citizen: LIKE A BOSS

Awar😛 20K cc because I can.

Category 7: Meme making fun of YUI

Yui wanted his own category and agreed to pay for it. So here’s what he got for his cash:

First Prize:

Sheesh, people, it wasn’t THAT hard… some day I will get credit for all the work I did on resource wars… Until then keep crediting YUI.

Anyway, YUI needs to pay this citizen 50K:

Citizen: Jordic69

Honestly, this one is my favorite YUI meme right here:

So I’m paying for it.

Citizen: Maliopopoubross

Awar😛 20K cc

Category 8: Meme making fun of Clopoyaur

Again, this category was by special request of Clopo who will pay the winner.

I would love to submit my own work in this category, but I could not do better than the…


Citizen: Maine Coon

Awar😛 (clopo will donate half, I will donate 25K cc)

Second Prize:

Citizen: Captain Black Sheep

Awar😛 20K cc

Category 9: Meme making fun of yours truly, Gnilraps.

No. Please. Make fun of my singing.

Citizen: Jordic69

Awar😛 50K cc

Technically there weren’t three qualified entries in this category but the prize goes out anyway.

Category 10: Meme making fun of eUS Forums.

I mean, come on SFP. I literally threw you a bone on this one and you guys came up with almost NOTHING.

Category DQ’d, not enough entries. Sheesh.

And the “Judges Choice” award goes to:

Citizen: Danijel Kralj

Awar😛 20K cc

Congratulations to all the weiners winners.

Now it's time to think of something else to do.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled clicking