MEKHousing W31 - Plato Foundation renewal

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#MEKHousing W31 - Plato Foundation renewal

Dear all,

MEKHousing has been a successful long term program and we want to keep it running as long as possible. It’s running for 31 weeks, being 19 of them exclusively fund by me. After that, i create a new program for sponsorship, that got a good funding for the program, but not enough. So i applied also to Plato Foundation to get financial support since this program improves the players game experience.
It has been financiated for the last 12 weeks with a Plato Foundation grant being the last 3 with a grant of 140 GOLDper week. (read more

Why this program is special and needs to keep being funded?
1 - It generates a great interaction between players, when they need to ask for MEKHABS to rise the needed amount for the house(s);
2 - This generates a sense of community and sharing, and brings players to have more interest for the game;
3 - It’s a program for all, since with only 500 kills per week allows to get one mekhab, and people may ask for the usual donators for other mekhabs - all players could benefit of houses even if they are new citizens;
4 - With the earned houses they will have a win win cycle: more energy, allows to have more kills, more kills means more mekhabs, more mekhabs, means more energy…;
5 - This also improves the game interest in addiction with the social / community sense;
6 - Besides that, MEKHousing program is linked also with other MEK MU programs (yes we have several) that if players join them will have some extra mekhabs and got more economic benefits.
Some numbers for the social interaction since the beginning of the program:
Number of MEKHab donators: 59 players
Number of players that exchange MEKHabs for Houses: 26 players
Number of effective contacts for Mekhabs transactions: 433 conversations between players (in this number missies the conversations with failed transactions)

MEKHousing financial overview of the previous month

During the last four weeks this program was funded in a total of 620 gold by Plato foundation. The gold was converted in 271812 cc through the monetary market (conversion rates: 1st week - 1 gold = 428,9cc; 2nd week - 1 gold = 428,9cc; 3rd Week - 1 gold =447.8 cc; 4th week - 1 gold = 452,1cc).
Last month expenses with this program were of 1357526 cc.
So, the Plato Foundation Grant provided 20.0 % of the total program needs.
Direct Taxes Paid to Portuguese Government: 31118,06 cc

Total Number of assigned Houses - 103
q1 Houses - 22
q2 Houses - 23
q3 Houses - 33
q4 Houses - 25

Future program improvements

As a long term program, it had been adjusted before the submission to Plato Funding and its quite stable by now.
Besides this, players sometimes asked for changes and one of them is to introduce q5 house. Since the program objectives are not to do giveaways, i think it’s not a option to follow. We are asking players and plato board for ideas for improve the program. They could be changing the mekhabs earning levels or the required amount per house.
Since the program is deficitary all reductions in the funding could compromise the program.

A quick feedback about the board
As it was summer time and lots of people were in holidays, it was not easy to get the feedback about the weekly reports submission. Even in the Plato Foundation Discord channel no one answered me, or at least told ‘we got it’ or we ‘read it’. I understand this since the Mekhousing program had the same problem: less people playing this month.
A good idea could be the existence of a formulary to be filled with the article related to the reports. The players from the board that i contact by message were always cordial and explain all i need.

#MEKHousing W31 weekly results:

Last week, the MU members earned a total of 108 MEKHabs. These MEKHabs should be exchanged by houses or donated to other MEK members.
To use or transfer MEKHabs send a PM to rapaz_avr and the other MEK member.
The unused MEKHabs will be keeped for the next week and you may accumulate it until you have the number to exchange for the house quality you need.

In this way every week MEKHabs will be rewarded at:
500 kills, 2000 kills, 4000 kills, 6000 kills, 10000 kills and 15000 Kills. (both land and air).

It will be also possible to exchange work points for MEKHabs.

for one q1 house you need 2 MEKHabs;
for one q2 house you need 4 MEKHabs;
for one q3 house you need 7 MEKHabs;
for one q4 house you need 12 MEKHabs;
Special offer - pack of the 4 houses for 23 MEKHabs.

Read More About MEKHousing program

Finally the expected list with the earned and the accumulated MEKHabs:
(usual donators are in bold; people with more than 30 mekhabs will be considered donator)
(This week it was used a new semi-automatic extraction method for the weekly kills so if you find some anomaly please tell me)

51 meeha
26 Darth Pointy

21 goLdeNNN
21 Miguelsilca
17 MelkorPT
16 Maguilla
16 Sterben4kk
15 D a n t e
15 Zoran.Petrovic
14 Derfo
14 Filipe de Cabanas
12 Sérgio Ramos
11 Atena Stark
11 Danno Angel
11 GossypPT
11 Pedrito the Knight Rider
11 VelAco
10 CatBea
10 Joam02
10 mlena
9 Nuno Reis
8 Bitorino
8 Edujoca
8 Madvieri
8 Rapaz_avr

8 SandwichKiller
8 ViriathusLusitania
8 Yoradorc
7 Desterrado Severino
7 gu480
7 Miguel Soprano
6 H U L K
6 minikpanzer
6 OneJuan
6 Rei Sousa
6 StojkePA
5 HugoMoreira
4 JMark1
4 Kk1boRg...
4 Passos Coelho
4 SaiN
3 4tires
3 J3wbaca
3 MarteLuso
3 Pisco Soares
3 PlaRod
3 teXou
3 jhonatan94
3 Alexandar Makedonski III
2 Cristian Gomez9
2 iBirello
2 Johannes Valkkynen
2 kiralytuga
2 LadyClaire8492
2 Langulho
2 lfilipe13
2 MightyWarriorPT
2 nunopeb1
2 TheJuliusCaesar
2 Vai Ver Se Estou Ali
1 barbinhas
1 Bekas.Bekas
1 C U D O
1 DareP
1 FreeGigi
1 JackTrout
1 Jorge Miguel Moreira
1 Lopesi
1 Mago II
1 Manegorio
1 mok3te
1 Moraldogma
1 Pablo Nieto
1 Ricardo Vasques
1 Rickiest Rick Sanchez
1 Thydan

Sheets with all information

Stats from the last Week

Total Cost of the Program in this week: 381854 cc
Plato Grant in Gold: 140 Gold
Plato Grant in cc: 63294 cc (conversion rate 1 gold = 452,1 cc)
MEKHabs used to get houses: 158 MEKHabs
Plato foundation sponsor the program this week with 28.4 % of the total costs.
Direct Taxes Paid to Portuguese Government: 8055,74 cc
q1 Houses - 3
q2 Houses - 4
q3 Houses - 8
q4 Houses - 7
Total Number of Houses - 22

Number of beneficiaries this week: 9 players
Number of participants: 22 players donate or ask for mekhabs

Rapaz_avr & Piscosoares