MEK Housing - Now with Q4 HOUSES

Day 3,804, 09:33 Published in Portugal Portugal by Rapaz_avr

Dear MEKs,

As this program is a big success, and there are many MU members participating on it, I decided to upgrade the program adding the possibility to get q4 houses.
As part of this upgrade the MEKHabs rewards will have some adaptations as also the number os MEKHabs needed to get houses.

MEKHabs are awarded based on the Kills number (both land and air) that you did in the previous week (Tuesday to Monday) according to these steps:
if you reach 1000 you will earn 1 MEKHab;
if you reach 3000 you will earn 2 MEKHab;
if you reach 5000 you will earn 3 MEKHab;
if you reach 7000 you will earn 4 MEKHab;
if you reach 11000 you will earn 6 MEKHab;
if you reach 15000 you will earn 8 MEKHab.

The Houses Prices in MEKHabs will be:

q1 house - 2 MEKHabs;
q2 house - 4 MEKHabs;
q3 house - 7 MEKHabs;
q4 house - 12 MEKHabs;
[pack of all the 4 quality houses] - 23 MEKHabs

NEW Rules:

- The maximum amount of MEKHabs that could be donated between same players per week is 6. This is intended to improve members interactions;
- One single player could only have a maximum number of 30 unused MEKHabs (the remaining will be discarded);
- Players with discarded MEKHabs will be alerted and if don’t donate them, will be excluded from the MEKblablabla and MEK Full Spectrum programs.