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Maybe a change?

Day 1,891, 03:08 Published in USA USA by eBrofist

So, as you may or may not noticed (you probably didn't cause I don't talk a lot 'bout myself) this isn't my first account. I'm actually not even an American in real life. I'm from Croatia and I wanted to move here in USA but my citizenship request wasn't accepted. So, I decided to delete my account and make a new one.

Anyway, in Croatia I also had newspaper and I was making rage comics; so I was thinking would you like me to change my newspaper into rage comics newspaper?

Here's some of my work:


Thank you for reading!

(and sorry about low quality of a picture in 2nd comic)



Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,891, 03:35

voted and subbed

Ezahiel Day 1,891, 05:10

Comment deleted

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